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Here with we have shared the usual range values of Safe Bearing Capacity of different type of soil.

Sl No. Types of Rocks / Soils Safe Bearing Capcity Kg/CM2 Safe Bearing Capcity kN/M3
(a) Rocks
i Rocks hard without lamination and defects, eg. Granite and dionite
33 3236
i Laminated rocks – eg. Sandstone and lime stone 16.5 1618
iii Residual deposits of shattered and broken bedrock 9 883
iv Soft Rock 4.5 441
(b) Non-Cohesive Soils
i Gravel, sand offering high resistance to penetration when excavated by tools
4.5 441
i Coarse sand, compact and dry 4.5 441
iii Medium sand, compact and dry 4.5 441
iv Fine sand, silt 2.5 245
v Loose gravel or sand gravel mixture dry 1 98
vi Fine sand, loose and dry 1 98
(c) Cohesive Soils
i Soft shale, hard clay in deep bed dry 4.6 451
i Medium clay, readily indented with a thumb nail 2.5 245
iii Moist clay and sand clay mixture with strong thumb pressure 1.5 147
iv Soft dry with moderate thumb pressure 1 98
v Very soft clay which can be penetrated 0.5 49
vi Black cotton soil or expensive clay in dry condition No Generalized Value No Generalized Value
vii Peat No Generalized Value No Generalized Value
viii Fills or made up ground No Generalized Value No Generalized Value



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