Before we erecting the centering and shuttering the following points shall be borne in mind while checking during erection.

  • Any member which is to remain in position after the general dismantling is done, should be clearly marked.
  • Material used should be checked to ensure that, wrong items/ rejects are not used.
  • If there are any excavations nearby which may influence the safety of form works, corrective and strengthening action must be taken.
  • The bearing soil must be sound and well prepared and the sole plates shall bear well on the ground.
    • Sole plates shall be properly seated on their bearing pads or sleepers.
    • The bearing plates of steel props shall not be distorted.
    • The steel parts on the bearing members shall have adequate bearing areas.

  • Safety measures to prevent impact of traffic, scour due to water etc. should be taken. Adequate precautionary measures shall be taken to prevent accidental impacts etc.
  • Bracing, struts and ties shall be installed along with the progress of form work to ensure strength and stability of form work at intermediate stage. Steel sections (especially deep sections) shall be adequately restrained against tilting, over turning and form work should be restrained against horizontal loads. All the securing devices and bracing shall be tightened.
  • The stacked materials shall be placed as catered for, in the design.
  • When adjustable steel props are used. They should:
    • Be undamaged and not visibly bent.
    • Have the steel pins provided by the manufacturers for use.
    • Be restrained laterally near each end.
    • Have means for centralizing beams placed in the fork heads.
  • Screw adjustment of adjustable props shall not be over extended.
  • Double wedges shall be provided for adjustment of the form to the required position wherever any settlement/ elastic shorting of props occurs. Wedges should be used only at the bottom end of single prop. Wedges should not be too steep and one of the pair should be tightened/ clamped down after adjustment to prevent shifting.
  • No member shall be eccentric upon vertical member.
  • The number of nuts and bolts shall be adequate.
  • All provisions of the design and/or drawings shall be complied with.
  • Cantilever supports shall be adequate.
  • Props shall be directly under one another in multistage constructions as far as possible.
  • Guy ropes or stays shall be tensioned properly.
  • There shall be adequate provision for the movements and operation of vibrators and other construction plant and equipment.
  • Required camber shall be provided over long spans.

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