Important Topics & Weight-age questions for SSC JE Civil Engineering Preliminary Exam 2017


Building Materials & Construction
Weightage: 15 – 20 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Cement, Concrete, Stone & Brick Masonary, Aggregates, Timber & Paints.

Weightage: 10 – 12 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Principles, Linear Measurement, Angular Measurement & Levelling, Contouring, Tachometric Survey, Curve Setting, Earth Work Calculation, Advanced Surveying Equipment.

Hydraulics :
Weightage: 10 – 12 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Fluid properties, hydrostatics, measurements of flow, Bernoulli’s theorem, Flow in open channels & pipes, Pumps & Turbines. Note that you should devote time to Pumps and Turbines only after you cover the rest of the topics).

Strength of Materials :
Weightage: 10 – 12 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Elasticity constants, types of beams (determinate and indeterminate), Bending Moment and Shear force diagrams of simply supported, Cantilever and over hanging beams, Torsion and Springs, Columns.

RCC Design :
Weightage: 10 – 12 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Limit State and Working Stress methods, Refer IS 456:2000 code to solve Direct questions, Singly Reinforced Beams & Double Reinforced Beams, Shear Strength, Columns, Slabs & Footings, Staircases, Retaining wall, Water tanks.

Steel Design :
Weightage: 8 – 12 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Refer IS800:2007 to solve Direct Questions, General design principles including riveted & welded connections, Column, Tension Members, Beam, Roof Truss & Girder.

Estimating, Costing and Valuation :
Weightage: 5 – 8 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Estimation & Measurement of Brick work (Modular & Traditional bricks), RCC work, Shuttering, Timber work, Painting, Flooring, Plastering, Trapezodial formula, Simpson’s rule, etc.

Soil Mechanics :
Weightage: 5 – 8 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Basic principles including phase diagram, index properties, classification. Permeability & effective stress, Compaction & consolidation. Shear strength of soils – a) Triaxial shear test b) Direct shear test c) Vane shear test. Bearing capacity of soil. Earth pressure theories.

Irrigation Engineering :
Weightage: 3 – 5 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Water Requirement of crops – Definition, necessity, benefits, 2II effects of irrigation, types and methods of irrigation, Hydrology – Measurement of rainfall, run off coefficient, rain gauge, losses from precipitation – evaporation, infiltration, etc. Water requirement of crops, duty, delta and base period, Kharif and Rabi Crops, Command area, Time factor, Crop ratio, Overlap allowance, Irrigation efficiencies. Design of canals – a) Lacey’s theory b) Kennedy’s theory c) Type of canal
Weir and barrage, Floods & River training including cross drainage works.

Transportation Engineering :
Weightage: 0 – 4 Questions
Important Sub Topics: Highway Engineering: Geometric design, Pavement design, Highway materials including aggregates & bitumen, Traffic engineering, Railway Engineering.

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