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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Part – 16

Question No. 01 In dredged reclamation, what are the considerations in selecting between trailer suction hopper dredgers and grab dredgers? Answer: Trailer suction hopper dredgers are vessels which remove material off the seabed through hydraulic…

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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Part – 14

Question No. 01 Can all utility detectors detect the depth of utilities? Answer: In Hong Kong, underground utility detectors are normally divided into two types: electromagnetic detector and ground penetrating radar (GPR). For electromagnetic detector,…

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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Part – 13

Question.No.01 Shall reversible moisture movement be taken into account in estimating movement for movement joints? Answer: The size of concrete is affected by changes in atmospheric humidity: moisture causes expansion while drying causes shrinkage. Such…

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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Part – 11

Question No. 01 In the design of service reservoirs, horizontal reinforcement in walls of reservoirs is placed at the outer layer. Why? Answer: Since service reservoirs are designed as water-retaining structures with stringent requirement of…

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