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Question No. 01 Did any of the Egyptian pyramids ever fall down? Answer: Yes, many did. The great pyramid and others that have survived did so for a reason. Their shapes made them sturdier over time and were not the Read more…

Question No. 01 Which one is a better choice, a large diameter piles or a system of several smaller piles with the same load capacity? Answer: The choice of a large diameter pile suffers from the disadvantage that serious consequences Read more…

Question No. 01 Why nautical mile is different from statute mile? Answer: One nautical mile is defined by one latitude minute of arc (there are 60 such minutes to adegree). This equals 1852 meters, and roughly (but coincidentally) 2000 yards Read more…

Question No. 01 Should design life be the same as return period for design conditions? Answer: Design life means the minimum duration a structure is expected to last. The longer is the design life; the higher is the cost of Read more…

Question No. 01 How do engineer determine the number of cells for concrete box girder bridges? Answer: If the depth of a box girder bridge exceeds 1/6 or 1/5 of the bridge width, then it is recommended to be designed Read more…

Question No. 01 What is the biggest dam in America? Answer: The Grand Coulee Dam Grand -Coulee, Washington a) Length 5,223 ft b) Height 550 ft Question No. 02 In the design of elastomeric bearings, why are steel plates inserted Read more…

Question No. 01 General Specification for Civil Engineering Works (1992 Edition) Clause 15.09 specifies that tying wires for reinforcement adjacent to and above Class F4 and F5 finishes should be stainless steel wires. Why? Answer: If plain steel tying wires Read more…

Question. No.01 What are the strongest shapes in building? Answer: The pillars Question No. 02 In a curved pre-stressed bridge, how should the guided bearings in piers of the curved region be oriented with respect to the fixed bearing in Read more…

Question No. 01 In dredged reclamation, what are the considerations in selecting between trailer suction hopper dredgers and grab dredgers? Answer: Trailer suction hopper dredgers are vessels which remove material off the seabed through hydraulic suction by using pumps. During Read more…

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Free Live webinar on Career Opportunities post Covid-19 for our Civil Engineers - Click Here to Register

Hello Everyone!

Good day to you all!

This is to inform you that we have planned to organize a live webinar with Q&A interaction on Career Opportunities post COVID-19 for our Civil Engineers.

Session Focus:

Career opportunities post Covid-19.

Current job market for Civil Engineers.

Interview tips for the freshers.

Presenter Details: This session will be delivered by Top-level seniors in the reputed construction industry.

We will send further details after registration. Don't miss it. It is a really wonderful opportunity.

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