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We are providing 10 sections of Civil Engineering ultimate study material resources such as 10000 multiple choice questions (MCQs), study materials and subjective notes which will be helpful for civil engineering students to prepare for all kind of competitive examinations. This site is more useful for the preparation of All state and central level Junior Engineer and Assistant Engineer exams. This site is also very useful for those who indented to prepare GATE exams. We also provide subject wise mock tests which are very useful for all kind of examinations.

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Ceiling Heights in Non-Residential and Residential Buildings

Ceiling Heights in Non-Residential and Residential Buildings A uniform height of 3.05m clear from the top of floor finish is applicable for all floors. In the case of sloping slabs, the height of the ceiling should be 3.25m at ridge and 2.95m at eaves. For special types of buildings, different ceiling heights have to be adopted on a functional basis. Tags: Ceiling Height of buildings, what is the minimum height of the ceiling, height of …
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Chapter 2: Bricks | Civil Engineering Interview Tips

Civil Engineering Interview Tips: Chapter: Bricks In this Chapter 1 we have shared the important points to remember during attending the Civil Engineering Interviews. This chapter is mainly dealing with the “Bricks”. This article is mainly for fresher Civil Engineers and Job Seekers. This article is also really useful for attending the Private and Govt interviews. This give the recall and revision of your Civil Engineering subjects and will enhance the basic knowledge of our …
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What is the Minimum Slope provided in various Floors as per standards?

Slopes in Floors The following minimum slopes shall be adopted for the different types of buildings on floors. 1. A slope of 1 in 60 shall be provided for water closets, cattle sheds, and pavements between buildings and stormwater drain. 2. A slope of 1 in 100 shall be provided for bathrooms, verandah, kitchen, dairy poultry, and paved open-to-sky areas, drying yard for seeds, cement concrete driveways in bus stations. 3. A slope of 1 …
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Common Foundation Types | Stone & Brick Masonry

Common Foundation Types Masonry Foundation (clause 7.2.8 of NBC 2005) Unreinforced foundation may be of concrete or masonry (stone or brick) provided that angular spread of load from the base of column/wall or bedplate to the outer edge of the ground bearing is not more than 1 vertical to 1/2 horizontal for masonry or 1 vertical to 1 horizontal for cement concrete and 1 vertical to 2/3 horizontal for lime concrete. The minimum thickness of …
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Deep foundations | Piles Foundation

Deep foundations These foundations carry loads from a structure through weak compressible soil or fill, on to the stronger and less compressible soils or rocks at depth. These foundations are in general used as buoyancy rafts, Caissons, cylinders, shaft, and piles. Pile foundation Pile foundation comes under the classification of deep foundation. When the bearing capacity of soil is very low and the structural load is very high, this foundation is suggested. Here the loads …
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Mathematics Notes & Formulas Section

Strength of Materials – GATE Civil notes PDF in Topic wise

Structural Analysis – GATE Civil notes PDF in Topic wise

RCC & Steel – Civil Engineering notes PDF in Topic wise

Geo Technical Engineering –Civil Engineering notes PDF in Topic wise

Fluid Mechanics – Civil Engineering notes PDF in Topic wise

Environmental Engineering – Civil Engineering notes PDF in Topic wise

Hydrology & Irrigation – Civil Engineering notes PDF in Topic wise

Transportation Engineering – Civil Engineering Notes PDF in Topic wise

Surveying – Civil Engineering notes PDF in Topic wise

All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock tests (100 Questions)

Building Materials Mock tests

Building Construction Mock tests

Concrete Technology Mock tests

Strength of Materials Mock tests

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Mock tests

RCC design Mock tests

Surveying Mock tests

Highway Engineering Mock tests

Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics Mock tests

Water Supply Engineering Mock tests

Waste water Engineering Mock tests

Steel structures Mock tests

Irrigation Engineering Mock tests

Estimation & Quantity surveying Mock test

Hydrology & Water Resource Engineering Mock tests

Railway Engineering Mock tests

Theory of Structures Mock tests

Construction and Project Management Mock tests

Structural Analysis Mock tests

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