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Civil Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

This page below provides all kind of Civil engineering Interview questions and answers. Which are very useful for all kind of competetive exams and interviews. we will planned to share 1000 interview questions and Answers. 

Details about Concreting under Special Conditions

Concreting under Special Conditions There are three type of concreting under special conditions, Namely Work in Extreme Weather Conditions Under Water Concreting Concrete in Sea Water Work in Extreme Weather ...
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Cement Mortar for masonry – materials, mixing and technical details

Cement Mortars Desirable properties of mortars for use in masonry are: (a)        Workability (b)        Water retentivity (c)        Rate of stiffing (d)        Strength (e)        Resistance to rain penetration (f)        Durability MATERIALS ...
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Earthwork excavation by using Machines

Earth Work Excavation by Mechanical means Earth work by mechanical means involves careful planning keeping in view site conditions i.e. type of soil, nature of excavation, distances through which excavated ...
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Anti-Termite Treatment in building construction works and its technical details

ANTI-TERMITE TREATMENT IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Sub-terranean termites are responsible for most of the termite damage in buildings. Typically, they form nests or colonies underground. In the soil near ground level ...
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Earthwork excavation important terms and field level technical details

Earthwork excavation important terms and technical details Deadmen or Tell Tales: Mounds of earth left undisturbed in pits dug out for borrowing earth Burjis: Short pillars of brick/ stone having ...
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