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By documenting a process the business is ensuring that someone else can carry it out should the usual task owner be unavailable.

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We are providing more than 10000 multiple choice questions , study materials, Practical knowledge questions and answers and subjective notes which will be helpful for civil engineering students to prepare for all kind of competitive examinations. This site is more useful for the preparation of All state and central level Junior Engineer and Assistant Engineer exams. This site is also very useful for those who indented to prepare GATE exams. We also provide subject wise mock tests which are very useful for all kind of examinations. Also we provides  a basic things of Civil Engineer must know about our Civil Engineering. 

Required cement quantity in Kg Table for various items of Civil Engineering works
Herewith below we have shared the required cement quantity in Kg for various items of works, like Cement concrete, Brickwork, Plastering works, Random Rubble Masonry, DPC works, flooring works, Pointing works, Roof tiles works, Flat tiles works. It was very useful to calculate the required cement quantity in easy was using below table. Sl No. Description Calculation Cement in Kg per 1 CC 1:5:10 using 40mm metal 0.45/5 x 1440 129.6 Cum. 2 CC 1:4:8 ...
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Requirement of Water Supply for Fire Fighting Installations
Herewith below we have shared the requirements of Water Supply for fire fighting Installations.    Sl. No   Type of Building/Occupancy Requirements for water supply Underground tank in liters Terrace tank in liters 1 Apartment building below 15m in height Nil Nil 2 Apartment buildings a) Above 15 m but not exceeding 24 m Nil 10000 b) Exceeding 24m but not exceeding 45 m 50000 20000 c) Above 24 m and not exceeding 35m with ...
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Water requirements for Buildings Other than Residences
Herewith below we have shared the water requirements for all building structures other than residences. Sl. No. Type of Building Consumption per day, Litres (1) (2) (3) i) Factories where bath rooms are required to be provided 45 per head ii) Factories where no bath rooms are required to be provided 30 per head iii) Hospital (including laundry) : a) Number of beds not exceeding 100 340 per head b) Number of beds exceeding 100 ...
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All Civil Engineering Lab Manuals PDF
Hi Civil Engineering Aspirants, we have shared the important Civil Engineering Lab manuals as per Indian Standards. Building Materials Lab manual PDF Concrete technology Lab Manuals PDF Engineering Geology lab Manuals PDF Environmental Engineering Lab manuals PDF Fluid Mechanics Lab manuals PDF Geo technical Lab manuals PDF Strength of Materials Lab manuals PDF Surveying Lab manuals PDF Structural Analysis Lab manuals PDF Surveying 2 Lab manuals PDF Thanks Have a nice day! Civil Engineering Lab ...
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