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SSC JE Civil Engineering Paper 2 All notes PDF
We have shared the very useful SSC JE Civil Engineering complete all subjects  hand written notes for paper 2 pdf.  It will be very useful for your paper 2 examination. Kindly go below link and give your ratings about our web to get all subjects notes pdf into your mail. Theory of All subjects PDF Surveying Notes PDF Transportation Engineering notes PDF Steel Design Notes PDF Soil Mechanics Notes PDF Strength of Materials Part 1 ...
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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Part – 17
Question. No.01 What are the strongest shapes in building? Answer: The pillars Question No. 02 In a curved pre-stressed bridge, how should the guided bearings in piers of the curved region be oriented with respect to the fixed bearing in abutment? Answer: To determine the orientation of guided bearings, one should understand the movement of curved region of a pre-stressed bridge. Movement of pre-stress and creep are tangential to the curvature of the bridge (or ...
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Civil Engineering Interview Questions Part – 16
Question No. 01 In dredged reclamation, what are the considerations in selecting between trailer suction hopper dredgers and grab dredgers? Answer: Trailer suction hopper dredgers are vessels which remove material off the seabed through hydraulic suction by using pumps. During the dredging operation, a mixture of soil and water is transported through suction pipe to storage hoppers. Significant turbulence inside the hoppers keeps the dredged mixture in suspension and this should be minimized to enhance ...
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