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[Mock Test ] Water Supply Engineering Mock test – 1 | Civil Engineering Online Tests

Here you can access the Civil Engineering important mock test in the topic of Water Supply Engineering. This test useful for SSC JE, ESE, AE, PSUs and All Civil Engineer Govt. Job exams.

Welcome to your Water supply Engineering Mock test - 1

Take an exciting test in the topic of Water Supply Engineering

You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)

Wish you all the best!!!


The population growth curve is

1 out of 25

Distribution mains of any water supply, is normally designed for its average daily requirement

2 out of 25

Time of concentration

3 out of 25

In pressure supply mains, water hammer pressure is reduced by providing

4 out of 25

Disinfection of drinking water, is done to remove

5 out of 25

The maximum depth of sedimentation tanks is limited to

6 out of 25

The specific retention is least in case of

7 out of 25

In distribution pipes, drain valves are provided at

8 out of 25


9 out of 25

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The underground sources of water, is from

10 out of 25

Economic height of a dam is the height corresponding to which

11 out of 25

Turbidity of raw water is a measure of

12 out of 25

Corrosion of well pipes may not be reduced by

13 out of 25

The least thickness of class B cast iron (spun) pipe, is

14 out of 25

B.O.D. of treated water should be

15 out of 25

Water supply system includes

16 out of 25

A high velocity of wash water is required for

17 out of 25

Most commonly used pump for lifting water in water supply mains, is

18 out of 25

The transitional middle portion of a logistic curve follows

19 out of 25

Aeration of water is done to remove

20 out of 25

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following regarding fire hydrants

21 out of 25

The yield of a rapid gravity filter as compared to that of slow sand filter, is

22 out of 25

By boiling water, hardness can be removed if it is due to

23 out of 25

For determining the velocity of flow of underground water, the most commonly used non-empirical formula is

24 out of 25

The maximum permissible nitrites in public water supplies, is

25 out of 25

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