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[Mock Test] Soil Mechanics Mock test – 1 | Civil Engineering Online Test

Here You can access the Civil Engineering Mock test in the topic of Soil Mechanics.

Welcome to your Soil Mechanics Mock test - 1

Take an exciting test in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering 

You have only 20 mins to complete the test (20 Questions)

Wish you all the best!!!


The water content in a soil sample when it continues to loose weight without loosing the volume, is called

1 out of 20

When a cohesionless soil attains quick condition, it looses

2 out of 20

For general engineering purposes, soils are classified by

3 out of 20

If there is no impervious boundary at the bottom of a hydraulic structure, stream lines tend to follow :

4 out of 20

A failure wedge develops if a retaining wall

5 out of 20

The shearing force acting along the slice of a curved surface of slippage, causes the soil to slide

6 out of 20

The seepage exit gradient in a soil is the ratio of

7 out of 20

If Cs is the expansion index in Q. 11.165, the empirical formula given by Terzaghi, is

8 out of 20

The maximum pressure which a soil can carry without shear failure, is called

9 out of 20

Failure of a slope occurs only when total shear force is

10 out of 20

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

11 out of 20

Cohesionless soil is

12 out of 20

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

13 out of 20

'Loess' is silty clay formed by the action of

14 out of 20

Pick up the cohesive soil from the following:

15 out of 20

Pile foundations are generally preferred to for

16 out of 20

The angle of internal friction of clays, is usually

17 out of 20

Soils containing organic matters

18 out of 20

A soil not fully consolidated under the existing over-burden pressure, is called

19 out of 20

The angle of internal friction is maximum for

20 out of 20

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