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[Mock Test ] Hydraulics Mock test – 1 | Civil Engineering Online Tests

Here you can access the Civil Engineering important mock test in the topic of Fluid Mechanis. This test useful for SSC JE, ESE, AE, PSUs and All Civil Engineer Govt. Job exams.

Welcome to your Hydraulics Mock Test - 1

Take an exciting test in the topic of Hydraulics

You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)

Wish you all the best!!!


Flow of water in pipes of diameter more than 3 metres, can be measured by

1 out of 25

For a long pipe, the head loss

2 out of 25

Orifice-meter is used to measure

3 out of 25

The ratio of inertia force of a flowing fluid and the viscous force of the liquid is called :

4 out of 25

A water tank partially filled with water is being carried on a truck moving with a constant horizontal acceleration. The level of the water

5 out of 25

Poise is the unit of

6 out of 25

The instrument used for measuring the velocity of flow, is known as

7 out of 25

If the Mach number for a fluid flow is less than 1, the flow is

8 out of 25

The dimensional formula of force is

9 out of 25

The discharge through a V-notch weir varies as

10 out of 25

The upper surface of the weir over which water flows, is known as

11 out of 25

To avoid the tendency of separation of liquid flow, the most suitable ratio of the diameters of the throat and the pipe, is

12 out of 25

For a most economical rectangular channel, the hydraulic mean depth, is equal to

13 out of 25

In a venturimeter, the divergent cone is kept

14 out of 25

Total pressure on the top of a closed cylindrical vessesl completely filled with liquid, is directly proportional to

15 out of 25

Water belongs to

16 out of 25

The flow is called rotational if its velocity normal to the plane of area is equal to

17 out of 25

Hydraulic grade line

18 out of 25

The minimum specific energy of flow of water in open channel is : (where hc is the critical depth)

19 out of 25

Energy equation is usually applicable to

20 out of 25

For mountaneous regions having steep slope, wagons for carrying liquid are made with bottom

21 out of 25

Hydraulic radius is equal to

22 out of 25

In two dimensional flow the components of velocity are given by u = ax; v = by. The stream lines will be

23 out of 25

The ratio of the inertia and viscous forces acting in any flow, ignoring other forces, is called

24 out of 25

In flowing liquids pitot tubes are used measure

25 out of 25

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