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How to check the quality of Cement in the Field | Field Test on Cements

Tests on cement:

Basically two types of tests are under taken for assessing the quality of cement. These are either field test or lab tests. The current section describes the field tests on cement in details.

Field test:

There are four field tests may be carried out to as certain roughly the quality of cement.There are four types of field tests to access the colour, physical property, and strength of the cement as described below.


  • The colour of cement should be
  • It should be typical cement colour i.e. grey colour with a light greenish.

Physical properties

  • Cement should feel smooth when touched between fingers.
  • If hand is inserted in a bag or heap of cement, it should feel cool.

Presence of lumps

  • Cement should be free from
  • For a moisture content of about 5 to 8%, this increase of volume may be much as 20 to 40 %,depending upon the grading of sand.


  • A thick paste of cement with water is made on a piece of thick glass and it is kept under water for 24 hours. It should set and not crack.

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