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Chapter 3: Rocks & Stones | Civil Engineering Interview Tips

Civil Engineering Interview Tips:

Chapter: Rocks & Stones

In this Chapter 1 we have shared the important points to remember during attending the Civil Engineering Interviews. This chapter is mainly dealing with the “Rocks & Stones“. This article is mainly for fresher Civil Engineers and Job Seekers. This article is also really useful for attending the Private and Govt interviews. This give the recall and revision of your Civil Engineering subjects and will enhance the basic knowledge of our Civil Engineering.

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Important Points to remember:

  1. Rocks classified into 3 types namely Geological Rocks, Physical and Chemical Rocks
  2. Geological Rocks are classified into Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks
  3. Physical Rocks are classified into Stratified, Unstratified ajnd foliated Rocks
  4. Chemical Rocks are classified into Argillaceous, Siliceous and Calcareous Rocks
  5. The compressive strength of good building stones is between 60 to 200 N/mm2
  6. Common Building Stones are Granite, Marble, Basalt, Quartize, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, Kankar, Murram.
  7. Granite stone used for important engineering works such as Bridge abutments, Piers, Dams, Sea walls, Light houses, etc.
  8. Trap and Basalt stones are suitable for road metal and concrete aggregate
  9. Serpentine stones are suitable for ornamental works
  10. Sandstone is suitable for road metal, Paving works, Tile stone for roofing, natural stone for ornamental works, grit for heavy works.
  11. Limestone is used for manufacturing of lime and cement
  12. Gneiss and Laterite is used for rough stone masonry works.
  13. Marble is used for Monuments, Flooring, Decorative works and ornamental works.
  14. Slate is used for roof coverings, Damp proofings and partitions

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