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10 general damages of buildings due to Dampness

Effect of Dampness:

The various effects (indirectly defects), caused due to dampness in buildings are mentioned below

All effects mainly result in poor functional performance, ugly appearance and structural weakness of the buildings.

(a) A damp building creates unhealthy living and working conditions for occupants.

(b) Presence of damp conditions causes efflorescence on building surface, which ultimately may result in the dis-integration of bricks, stones, tiles etc. and hence in the reduction of strength.

(c) It may cause bleaching and flaking of the paint which results in the formation of coloured patches on the wall surfaces and ceilings.

(d) It may result in corrosion of metals used in the construction of buildings.

(e) The material used as floor coverings, such as tiles, are damaged because they lose adhesion with the floor base.

(f) Timber, when in contact with damp conditions, gets deteriorated due to the effects of warping, buckilng and rolling of timber.

(g) All electrical fittings get deteriorated, causing leakage of electric current with the potential danger of a short circuit.

(h) Dampness promotes the growth of termites and hence creates unhygienic conditions in buildings.

(i) Dampness when accompanied by the warmth and darkness, breeds the germs of tuberculosis, neuralgia, acute and chronic rheumatism etc.which sometimes result in fatal diseases.

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