May 9 2019 Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs

Welcome to the Current Affairs MCQ Question & Answers Section of General Awareness today, we have shared the daily important Current Affairs MCQs which will be very useful for IAS, SSC exams, Railways, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk Mains, NIACL AO, every banking and government jobs. This section provides complete GK multiple choice questions and Answers.


Question No: 1

Which​​ police for the first time has inducted women commandos in the District Reserve Guard (DRG), its frontline anti-Naxal force.

a) Mumbai​​ 

b) Chennai​​ 

c)​​ Chhattisgarh

d) Bangalore​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ c) Chhattisgarh


Question No: 2

Who’s​​ birth anniversary is also known as Pochise Boishakh 2019

a)​​ Tagore​​ 

b)​​ Nehru​​ 

c)​​ Gandhiji​​ 

d)​​ Modi​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ a) Tagore


Question No: 3

India's first Nobel laureate who reshaped Bengali literature and music, Rabindranath Tagore​​ __________​​ Birth Anniversary​​ was recently observed

a)​​ 157th​​ 

b)​​ 158th​​ 

c)​​ 159th​​ 

d)​​ 160th​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ b) 158th​​ 

Question No: 4

__________ &​​ Petroleum Conservation Research Association Sign MoU​​ to jointly conduct agricultural workshops

A)​​ Mahindra

b)​​ TAFE

c)​​ FORD

d)​​ Honda

Correct Ans:​​ b) TAFE


Question No: 5

India and China Sign Protocol For Export of Indian​​ __________

a)​​ Rice​​ Bag

b)​​ Potota Chips​​ 

c)​​ Chilli Meal

d)​​ Brinjal​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ c) Chilli Meal


Question No: 6

Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu embarked on a four-day official visit to Vietnam to participate in​​ ____________​​ of Vesak.​​ 

a)​​ 15th United Nations Day​​ 

b)​​ 13th United Nations Day

c)​​ 14th United Nations Day

d)​​ 16th United Nations Day

Correct Ans:​​ d) 16th United Nations Day


Question No: 7

_____________​​ Parliament passed a law to curb the spread of fake news under which offenders may face up to 10-year jail or fines of up to S$1 million (over Rs5.12 crore).​​ 

a)​​ Singapore's

b)​​ Indian’s

c)​​ Japanese

d)​​ American​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ a) Singapore's


Question No: 8

____________ &​​ Hughes To Combine Their India VSAT Operations

a)​​ Airtel

b)​​ Jio

c)​​ Vodafone

d)​​ Uninor

Correct Ans:​​ a) Airtel


Question No: 9

Prof. Kirpal Singh, the first chronicler of Partition, who started building an archive in 1954, passed away at​​ ________​​ in Chandigarh.

a)​​ 95

b)​​ 94

c)​​ 93

d)​​ 92

Correct Ans:​​ a) 95

Question No: 10

Prof N.R. Madhava Menon, an educationist, scholar, and the pioneering spirit behind modern legal education in India, has passed away. He was​​ _________​​ years old.

a)​​ 82

b)​​ 83

c)​​ 84

d)​​ 85

Correct Ans:​​ c) 84


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