May 12 &13 2019 Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs

Welcome to the Current Affairs MCQ Question & Answers Section of General Awareness today, we have shared the daily important Current Affairs MCQs which will be very useful for IAS, SSC exams, Railways, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk Mains, NIACL AO, every banking and government jobs. This section provides complete GK multiple choice questions and Answers.


Question No: 1

The World Trade Organisation, WTO ministerial meeting of developing countries began in

a)​​ New Delhi

b) Chennai​​ 

c) Mumbai

d) Bangalore​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ a) New Delhi


Question No: 2

India and the​​ ______________​​ agreed to increase their collaboration in the fields of Indo-Pacific cooperation, climate change, disaster resilience, development in third world countries amongst other areas.

a)​​ Russia

b)​​ UK​​ 

c)​​ USA

d)​​ South Africa​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ b) UK


Question No: 3

Which Airport​​ ranked the world's eighth best airport​​ recently?

a)​​ Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International airport

b)​​ Chennai International Airport (MAA)

c)​​ Sahar International Airport​​ Mumbai

d)​​ Indira Gandhi International Airport.​​ Delhi

Correct Ans:​​ a) Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International airport

Question No: 4

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) decided to hold its 5-day long 2020 high-level conference early June in

A)​​ Dubai

b)​​ Japan

c)​​ Portugal

d)​​ UK

Correct Ans:​​ c) Portugal


Question No: 5

Which country​​ has started testing its fastest-ever bullet train capable of reaching 400 kilometers per hour (249 mph) as it continues to develop the revolutionary mode of travel.​​ 

a)​​ Russia​​ 

b)​​ Japan

c) America

d) India

Correct Ans:​​ b) Japan


Question No: 6

Who is the​​ Maharashtra's new chief secretary.​​ 


b)​​ RAVI RAJA​​ 



Correct Ans:​​ c) AJOY MEHTA


Question No: 7

Professor​​ ______________​​ has been appointed as the new President of the United Nations General Assembly.​​ 

a)​​ María Fernanda​​ 

b)​​ Tijjani Mohammad Bande​​ 

c) Alibaba chief Jack Ma​​ 

d)​​ Espinosa Garcés,​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ b) Tijjani Mohammad Bande


Question No: 8

Who​​ presently Deputy High Commissioner in the High Commission of India, Abuja, has been appointed as the next Ambassador of​​ India to the State of Eritrea?

a)​​ Gopakumar M.R​​ 

b)​​ GarikaTejeswar​​ 

c)​​ Abhay Thakur​​ 

d)​​ Subhash Chand​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ d) Subhash Chand


Question No: 9

Who led the investigation team of the infamous Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case, has been awarded the 2019 McCain Institute Award for Courage and Leadership?

a)​​ Arif Sheikh​​ 

b)​​ Asra Garg

c)​​ Manish Shanker Sharma

d)​​ Chhaya​​ Sharma

Correct Ans:​​ d) Chhaya Sharma


Question No: 10

Who​​ won the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain and rose to the top of the Formula One world championship.

a)​​ Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton

b)​​ Mercedes’ V. Bottas

c)​​ M. Verstappen

d)​​ Catalunya

Correct Ans:​​ a) Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton


Question No: 11

Who​​ clinched their fourth Premier League title (football) after winning the 2018-19 season.

a)​​ Brighton

b)​​ Manchester City​​ 

c)​​ Liverpool

d)​​ ​​ Newcastle United

Correct Ans:​​ b) Manchester City


Question No: 11

World Migratory Bird Day:

a)​​ May 10

b)​​ May 11​​ 

c)​​ May 12

d) May 13

Correct Ans:​​ b) May 11

Question No: 12

International Nurses Day:

a) May 10

b) May 11​​ 

c) May 12

d) May 13

Correct Ans:​​ c) May 12


Question No: 13

Padma Shri awardee Bhojpuri vocal artist Hiralal Yadav passed away in Varanasi at the age of

a) 91

b) 92

c) 93

d) 94

Correct Ans:​​ c) 93


Question No: 14

Former Manchester City and Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure has officially announced his retirement from

a)​​ Football

b)​​ Cricket

c)​​ Tennis

d)​​ Hockey

Correct Ans:​​ a) Football


Question No: 15

Mumbai Indians became IPL champions for the fourth time after defeating​​ ___________​​ ​​ by one run in a thrilling final in Hyderabad.

a)​​ CSK

b)​​ DC

c)​​ SRH

d)​​ KKR

Correct Ans:​​ a) CSK


Question No: 16

Who​​ has become the most successful women's ODI spinner in history after she took her 147th wicket, highest ever by any spinner in One-day International (ODI) cricket.

a) Punam Yadav

b) Depti Sharma

c)​​ Sana Mir

d)​​ Linsey Smith

Correct Ans:​​ c) Sana Mir







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