22nd May 2019 Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs

Welcome to the Current Affairs MCQ Question & Answers Section of General Awareness today, we have shared the daily important Current Affairs MCQs which will be very useful for IAS, SSC exams, Railways, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk Mains, NIACL AO, every banking and government jobs. This section provides complete GK multiple choice questions and Answers.

Question No: 1

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched the 'RISAT-2B' Satellite from the Sriharikota's, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR.​​ Which provides​​ provide services in the field of

a)​​ Agriculture

b)​​ Forestry

c)​​ Disaster management.

d)​​ All the above

Correct Ans:​​ d) All the above


Question No: 2

As per Election Commission of India, the 2019 Lok Sabha elections witnessed a voter turnout of​​ __________.which is the highest ever voter turnout in the history of general elections.

a)​​ 67.05

b)​​ 67.10​​ 

c)​​ 67.20

d)​​ 67.30

Correct Ans:​​ b) 67.10


Question No: 3

Taiwan Expo 2019 began in

a)​​ New Delhi.

b)​​ Chennai

c)​​ Bangalore

d)​​ Mumbai

Correct Ans:​​ a) New Delhi.


Question No: 4

The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline meeting was held in​​ 

a)​​ India

b)​​ Pakistan

c)​​ Afghanistan

d)​​ Turkmenistan

Correct Ans:​​ d) Turkmenistan


Question No: 5

South African Saray Khumalo has reached the highest point on the planet becoming the

a)​​ First black African woman to scale Mount Everest.​​ 

b)​​ 2nd​​ black African woman to scale Mount Everest.

c)​​ 3rd​​ black African woman to scale Mount Everest.

d)​​ 4th​​ black African woman to scale Mount Everest.

Correct Ans:​​ a) First black African woman to scale Mount Everest.


Question No: 6

Facebook Registers New Fintech Firm in​​ 

a)​​ Italy

b)​​ Germany

c)​​ Switzerland​​ 

d)​​ France

Correct Ans:​​ Switzerland

Question No: 7

Ola Launches Credit Card In Tie-Up With SBI__________​​ Card​​ 


b) SBI


d) KVB

Correct​​ Ans: b) SBI


Question No: 8

International Day for Biological Diversity:​​ 

a)​​ May 21

b)​​ May 22

c)​​ May 23

d)​​ May 24

Correct Ans:​​ b) May 22


Question No: 9

International Day for Biological Diversity:​​ 

a) May 21

b) May 22

c) May 23

d) May 24

Correct Ans:​​ b) May 22



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