21st May 2019 Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs

Welcome to the Current Affairs MCQ Question & Answers Section of General Awareness today, we have shared the daily important Current Affairs MCQs which will be very useful for IAS, SSC exams, Railways, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk Mains, NIACL AO, every banking and government jobs. This section provides complete GK multiple choice questions and Answers.

Question No: 1

Police Officer Jitender Kumar, an Indian peacekeeper is among the 119 military, police and civilian personnel who will be honoured with a prestigious

a)​​ Padma Awards 2019

b)​​ UN medal 2019​​ 

c)​​ Jeevan Raksha Padak Awards-2019

d)​​ Jeevan Raksha Padak Awards-2018

Correct Ans:​​ b) UN medal 2019


Question No: 2

Comedian-actor​​ ___________​​ has been acknowledged as the most viewed stand-up comedian in India and abroad by the World Book of Records London.​​ 

a)​​ Roshan​​ 

b)​​ Kapil Sharma​​ 

c)​​ Salman Khan

d)​​ Sivakarthikeyan

Correct Ans:​​ b) Kapil Sharma


Question No: 3

Anti-Terrorism Day:

a)​​ May 21

b)​​ May 22​​ 

c)​​ May 24

d)​​ May 25

Correct Ans:​​ a) May 21

Question No: 4

UAE Celebrates World Day For Cultural Diversity On

a) May 21

b) May 22​​ 

c) May 24

d) May 25

Correct Ans:​​ a) May 21


Question No: 5

Niti Aayog has circulated a cabinet note to provide​​ ____________​​ for the establishment of AIRAWAT, a cloud computing platform along with research institutes.

a)​​ Rs 7,300 crore​​ 

b)​​ Rs 7,400 crore​​ 

c)​​ Rs 7,500 crore​​ 

d)​​ Rs 7,600 crore​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ c) Rs 7,500 crore


Question No: 6

Who​​ has toppled state-owned Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) to become the country’s biggest company by revenue.​​ 

a)​​ Reliance Industries

b)​​ Gulf Oil

c)​​ Bharath Petroleum

d)​​ Adhani Groups

Correct Ans:​​ a) Reliance Industries

Question No: 7

Who​​ has announced a strategic partnership with the FMCG arm of The Art of Living - Sri Sri Tattva.

a)​​ HDFC

b)​​ SBI

c)​​ ICICI

d)​​ KVB

Correct Ans:​​ b) SBI


Question No: 8

The former Formula One driver and three-time world champion Niki Lauda has passed away at the age of​​ 

a)​​ 70

b)​​ 71

c)​​ 72

d)​​ 73

Correct Ans:​​ a) 70




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