16th May 2019 Top & Important Current Affairs MCQs

Welcome to the Current Affairs MCQ Question & Answers Section of General Awareness today, we have shared the daily important Current Affairs MCQs which will be very useful for IAS, SSC exams, Railways, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk Mains, NIACL AO, every banking and government jobs. This section provides complete GK multiple choice questions and Answers.


Question No: 1

Recently which country​​ signed the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ in Paris. The agreement came in the backdrop of the attacks on mosques in March and is aimed at stopping the abuse of the Internet by extremists.

a)​​ India

b)​​ Australia

c)​​ UK

d)​​ South Africa

Correct Ans:​​ a) India


Question No: 2

A​​ 23-year-old pilot from Mumbai became the world's first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA).​​ 

a)​​ Rochelle Kimbrell

b)​​ Aarohi Pandit

c)​​ Aida de Acosta

d)​​ Katharine Wright

Correct Ans:​​ b) Aarohi Pandit


Question No: 3

Who​​ ​​ has scaled Mount Everest for a 23rd time, breaking his own record for the most successful ascents of the world's highest peak. He first scaled Everest in 1994.

a)​​ George Mallory​​ 

b)​​ Reinhold Messner​​ 

c)​​ Sherpa climber Kami Rita

d)​​ Sir Edmund Hillary

Correct Ans:​​ c) Sherpa climber Kami Rita


Question No: 4

Sikkim Statehood Day:

A)​​ May 16​​ 

b)​​ May 17

c)​​ May 15

d)​​ May 14

Correct Ans:​​ A) May 16


Question No: 5

Reserve Bank of India has released a vision document 'Payment and Settlement Systems in India: Vision​​ for.​​ 

a)​​ 2019-21

b)​​ 2020-21

c)​​ 2020-22

d)​​ 2019-23

Correct Ans:​​ a) 2019-21


Question No: 6

According to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry data, India’s overall exports, combining Merchandise and Services, in April 2019 is estimated to be around​​ ___________​​ with a positive growth of 1.34% over April 2018

a)​​ 42​​ billion US dollars

b)​​ 43​​ billion US dollars​​ 

c)​​ 44 billion US dollars

d)​​ 45​​ billion US dollars

Correct Ans:​​ c) 44 billion US dollars


Question No: 7

_________​​ has put together a pilot scheme to extend financial assistance of up to Rs10 crore to new-age fintech non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) engaged in financing small businesses and other income-generating activities.

a) SBI Bank​​ 

b)​​ SIDBI​​ 

c) YES Bank​​ 

d) HDFC Bank​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ b) SIDBI


Question No: 8

IT services firm​​ __________​​ and French digital content publishing firm Rakuten Aquafadas signed an MoU to collaborate on building enhanced customer experience offerings.

a)​​ TCS​​ 

b)​​ Tech Mahindra

c)​​ HCL

d)​​ Infosys​​ 

Correct Ans:​​ b) Tech Mahindra


Question No: 9

Sanjiv Puri​​ is the​​ chairman and managing director​​ of which company?

a)​​ ITC

b)​​ Unilever

c)​​ Hindustan

d)​​ Jio

Correct Ans:​​ a) ITC


Question No: 10

Which country​​ has become the sole contender to host Asian Cup Football tournament in 2023 after South Korea has announced to withdraw its bid to host the game.​​ 

a)​​ India

b)​​ North Korea

c)​​ China

d)​​ Russia

Correct Ans:​​ c) China


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