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Water requirements for Buildings Other than Residences

Herewith below we have shared the water requirements for all building structures other than residences.



Type of Building

Consumption per day, Litres

(1) (2)


i) Factories where bath rooms are required to be provided 45 per head
ii) Factories where no bath rooms are required to be provided 30 per head
iii) Hospital (including laundry) :
a) Number of beds not exceeding 100 340 per head
b) Number of beds exceeding 100 450 per head
iv) Nurses’ homes and medical quarters 135 per head
v) Hostels 135 per head
vi) Hotel (up to 4 Star) 180 per head
vii) Hotel (5 Star and above) 320 per head
viii) Offices 45 per head
ix) Restaurants 70 per seat
x) Cinemas, concert halls and theatres 150 per seat
xi) Schools:
a) Day schools 45 per head
b) Boarding schools 135 per head

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