Usual range values of Safe bearing capacity of different type of soils

Here with we have shared the usual range values of Safe Bearing Capacity of different type of soil.

Sl No.Types of Rocks / SoilsSafe Bearing Capcity Kg/CM2Safe Bearing Capcity kN/M3
iRocks hard without lamination and defects, eg. Granite and dionite
iLaminated rocks – eg. Sandstone and lime stone16.51618
iiiResidual deposits of shattered and broken bedrock9883
ivSoft Rock4.5441
(b)Non-Cohesive Soils
iGravel, sand offering high resistance to penetration when excavated by tools
iCoarse sand, compact and dry4.5441
iiiMedium sand, compact and dry4.5441
ivFine sand, silt2.5245
vLoose gravel or sand gravel mixture dry198
viFine sand, loose and dry198
(c)Cohesive Soils
iSoft shale, hard clay in deep bed dry4.6451
iMedium clay, readily indented with a thumb nail2.5245
iiiMoist clay and sand clay mixture with strong thumb pressure1.5147
ivSoft dry with moderate thumb pressure198
vVery soft clay which can be penetrated0.549
viBlack cotton soil or expensive clay in dry conditionNo Generalized ValueNo Generalized Value
viiPeatNo Generalized ValueNo Generalized Value
viiiFills or made up groundNo Generalized ValueNo Generalized Value



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