Required cement quantity in Kg Table for various items of Civil Engineering works

Herewith below we have shared the required cement quantity in Kg for various items of works, like Cement concrete, Brickwork, Plastering works, Random Rubble Masonry, DPC works, flooring works, Pointing works, Roof tiles works, Flat tiles works. It was very useful to calculate the required cement quantity in easy was using below table.

Sl No.DescriptionCalculationCement in Kgper
1CC 1:5:10 using 40mm metal0.45/5 x 1440129.6Cum.
2CC 1:4:8 using 40mm metal0.45/4 x 1440162Cum.
3CC 1:3:6 using 40mm metal0.45/3 x 1440216Cum.
4CC 1:2:4 using 20mm metal0.45/2 x 1440324Cum.
5CC 1:1.5:3 using 20mm metal0.45/1.5 x 1440432Cum.
6Brick work using I class bricks
(metric 19cm x 9cm x 9cm)
Cm 1:3 mix0.22/3 x 1440105.6Cum
Cm 1.4 mix0.22/4 x 144079.2Cum
Cm 1:5 mix0.22/5 x 144063.36Cum
Cm 1:6 mix0.22/6 x 144052.8Cum
7Brick work using II&III class
bricks (19cm x 9cm x 5.7cm)
Cm 1:3 mix0.27/3 x 1440129.6Cum
Cm 1.4 mix0.27/4 x 144097.2Cum
Cm 1:5 mix0.27/5 x 144077.76Cum
Cm 1:6 mix0.27/6 x 144064.8Cum
8Brick work using Country bricks
(23cm x 11cm x 7cm)
Cm 1:3 mix0.25/3 x 1440120Cum
Cm 1.4 mix0.25/4 x 144090Cum
Cm 1:5 mix0.25/5 x 144072Cum
Cm 1:6 mix0.25/6 x 144060Cum
9Brick work using wire cut bricks (23cm x 11.5cm x 7.6cm)
Cm 1:3 mix0.20/3 x 144096Cum
Cm 1.4 mix0.20/4 x 144072
Cm 1:5 mix0.20/5 x 144057.6
Cm 1:6 mix0.20/6 x 144048
10Ceiling Plastering with cm 1:3 mix 10mm thick0.10/3 x 14404810Sqm
11Plastering 12 mm thick with
Cm 1:2 mix0.14/2 x 1440100.810 Sqm
Cm 1.3 mix0.14/3 x 144067.210 Sqm
Cm 1:4 mix0.14/4 x 144050.410 Sqm
Cm 1:5 mix0.14/5 x 144040.3210 Sqm
Cm 1:6 mix0.14/6 x 144033.610 Sqm
12Plastering 20 mm thick with
Cm 1:2 mix0.22/2 x 1440158.410 Sqm
Cm 1.3 mix0.22/3 x 1440105.610 Sqm
Cm 1:4 mix0.22/4 x 144079.210 Sqm
Cm 1:5 mix0.22/5 x 144063.3610 Sqm
Cm 1:6 mix0.22/6 x 144052.810 Sqm
13Cut Stone Masonry with
Cm 1:4 mix0.16/4 x 144057.6Cum
Cm 1.5 mix0.16/5 x 144046.08Cum
14Random Rubble Masonry with
Cm 1:3 mix0.34/3 x 1440163.2Cum
Cm 1:4 mix0.34/4 x 1440122.4Cum
Cm 1:5 mix0.34/5 x 144097.92Cum
15Course Rubble Masonry (First sort) with Cm 1:4 mix
0.26/4 x 1440100.8Cum
Cm 1.5 mix0.26/5 x 144080.64Cum
16Damp Proof Course with cm 1:3, 20mm thick
0.21/3 x 1440100.810Sqm
17Ellis pattern flooring in cc 1:3 using stone cuttings
¾ ” thick11710 Sqm
1″ thick146.2510 Sqm
18Mosaic flooring and Mosaic Dadooing with tiles
For Cm 1:3 mix0.21/3 x 144022 kg10Sqm
Pointing with cm 1:3 mix0.04/3 x 1440100.810Sqm
19Flush pointing for Brick work etc.
Cm 1:3 mix0.06/3 x 144028.810 Sqm
Cm 1:4 mix0.06/4 x 144021.610 Sqm
Cm 1:5 mix0.06/5 x 144017.2810 Sqm
Cm 1:6 mix0.06/6 x 144014.410 Sqm
20Flush pointing for RR Masonry etc.
Cm 1:3 mix0.09/3 x 144043.210 Sqm
Cm 1:4 mix0.09/4 x 144032.410 Sqm
Cm 1:5 mix0.09/5 x 144025.9210 Sqm
Cm 1:6 mix0.09/6 x 144021.610 Sqm
21Laying of pressed tiles in cm 1:3 mix.
Cm 1:3 mix base0.12/3 x 144057.610 Sqm
Pointing with Cm 1:3 mix0.04/3 x 144019.210 Sqm
76.810 Sqm
22Laying of Flat tiles 2 course in cm 1:3 mix.
Cm 1:3 mix base0.27/3 x 1440129.610 Sqm
Pointing with Cm 1:3 mix0.04/3 x 144019.210 Sqm
148.810 Sqm

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