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Coefficient for painting measurement for All doors and Windows

Here with we have shared the  Coefficient for painting measurement (Equivalent Plain areas at uneven surface).

S.No Description of work Multiplying Co-efficient
Wood works – Doors & Windows etc.
1 Paneled or framed and braced doors, windows etc. 1.30 (for each side)
2 Ledged and battened or ledged, battened and braced doors, windows etc. 1.30(for each side)
3 Flush doors etc. 1.20(for each side)
4 Part panalled and part glassed or gauged doors, windows, etc. 1.00(for each side)
5 Fully glassed or gauged doors, windows etc. 0.80(for each side)
6 Fully Venetioned or louvered doors, windows etc. 1.80(for each side)
7 Trellies (or Jaffri) work one way or two way 2.00(for painting all over)
8 Carved or enriched work 2.00 (for each side)
9 Weather boarding 1.20 (for each side)
10 Wood shingle roofing 1.10 (for each side)
11 Boarding with cover fillets and match boarding 1.05 (for each side)
12 Tile and state battening 0.80 (for painting overall)
13 Plain sheeted steel doors or windows 1.10 (for each side)
14 Fully glazed or gauged steel doors and windows 0.50 (for each side)
15 Partly paneled or Partly glazed or gauged steel doors and windows 0.80 (for each side)
16 Corrugated sheeted steel doors or windows 1.25 (for each side)
17 Collapsible gates 1.50 (for each side)
18 Rolling shutters of interlocked laths 1.50 (for painting overall)
General Works
19 Expanded metal, hard drawn steel wire fabric of approved quality, grill work and gratings in guard bars, balustrades, railings and partitions 1 (for painting all over)
20 Open Palisade fencing and gates including standards, braces, rails stays etc. in timber or steel. 1 (for painting all over)
21 Corrugated iron sheeting in roofs, side cladding etc. 1.14 (for each side)
22 A.C Corrugated sheeting in roofs, side cladding etc. 1.20 (for each side)
23 A.C semi Corrugated sheeting in roofs, side cladding etc.(or Nainital pattern using plain sheets) 1.10 (for each side)
24 Wire gauge shutters including painting of wire gauge 1 (for each side)

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