List of item of works and its Life span

Herewith we have shared the List of various item of works and its life span.

Details of Items of worksLife of the works
Brickwork in lime of Cement,
Boulder Masonry in Lime or Cement,
Cut stone work in Lime or Cement, 
100 Years and Above
Brickwork in Clay,
Coursed in Mud, 
100 Years
Brickwork in Arches in Lime or Cement,
Rubble stone in arches in Lime or Cement,
100 Years
Sundried brickwork in clay75 Years
Brick on edge or flat flooring over 7.5cm L.C40 Years
Cement concrete floor, Granolithic flooring, Stone flooring50 Years
Terraced floor or Lime concrete20 Years
RCC or RB terraced roofing over stone flags, Jack arck roofing with LC terracing75 Years
Iron work in roofing80 Years
Sal wood work in roof60 Years
Country wood in work15 Years
GI roofing of 22 BWG sheet50 Years
Pine wood Ceiling30 Years
Teak wood doors and windows, Sal wood doors and windows40 Years
Country wood doors and windows30 Years
Rolled steel joist75 Years
Wrought iron work80 Years

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