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Gate Civil Engineering Mock test – 3

Welcome to your Gate Civil Engineering Mock test - 3

Take an Exciting test in Gate Civil Engineering ( 10 Questions - 2 Marks and 1 Mark)

Test duration : 15 Mins, Total Marks: 15 

For 2 marks each correct option will get 2 Marks, wrong answers get -0.66 Marks

For 1 mark each correct option will get 1 Marks, wrong answers get -0.33 Marks

Finally you will get detailed solved descriptions for each questions in your mail

Wish You all the best !!!.


1. A hydraulic turbine has a discharge of 5 m3/s, when operating under a head of 20 m with a speed of 500 rpm. If it is to operate under a head of 15 m, for the same discharge, the rotational speed in rpm will approximately be
A reinforced concrete column contains longitudinal steel equal to 1 percent of net cross-sectional area of the column. Assume modular ratio as 10. The loads carried (using the elastic theory) by the longitudinal steel and the net area of concrete, are Ps and Pc respectively. The ratio Ps/Pc expressed as percent is
3. The wall shown in the below figure has failed. The cause of failure or the error made in the design of the failded wall is :
4. Lysimeter and Tensiometer are used to measure respectively, one of the following groups of quantities :
5. The ruling minimum radius of horizontal curve of a national highway in plain terrain for ruling design speed of 100 km/hour with e = 0.07 and f = 0.15 is close to
6. In reinforced concrete, pedestal is defined as compression member, whose effective length does not exceed its least dimension by
7. The minimum area of tension reinforcement in a beam shall be greater than
8. Consolidation in soils
9. The span to depth ratio limit is specified in IS : 456-1978 for the reinforced concrete beams, in order to ensure that the
10. The capacities of "One-way 1.5 m wide sidewalk (persons per hour)" and "One-way 2-lane urban road (PCU per hour, with no frontage access, no standing vehicles and very little cross traffic)" are respectively.

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