All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test – 12

Welcome to your All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test - 12

Take an exciting test in All syllabus Civil Engineering

(Building Materials, Concrete Technology, Strength of Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, RCC design, Surveying, Highway, Hydraulics, Water Supply, Waste water, Steel, Irrigation,  Estimation, Hydrology and Railway ) 

You have only 25 mins  to complete the test ( 15 tough Questions)

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A beam carries a uniformly distributed load throughout its length. In which of the following configurations will the strain energy be maximum ?


For Froude number of a hydraulic jump is 5.5. The jump can be classified as a/an:


Consider the following statements :
1. Alum coagulation decreases the alkalinity of water.
2. Alum coagulation increases permanent hardness of water.
3. Alum coagulation decreases pH of water.
4. Alum coagulation produces aluminium hydroxide flocks in the flocculation process.
Which of the statements given above are correct ?


The displacement thickness of a boundary layer is


A saturated stiff clay has unit weight 2 gm/cm3 and unconfined compressive strength 2 kg/cm2. The depth of tension crack that would develop in this clay is


For complete hydration of cement the W/C ratio needed is


Which of the following are the purposes for use of steel bars reinforcement in cement concrete pavements ?
1. To increase the flexural strength of concrete
2. To prevent the onset of cracks
3. To allow wider spacing of joints.
Select the correct answer using the code given below :


Consider the following factors :
1. Provision of a suitable slope to the top of the sill.
2. Proper throating of the sill to throw off the water outside.
3. Giving a projection of not less than 50 mm to the sill.
4. Providing damp-proof course below the sill to check the entry of moisture inside the main wall.
Those considered while constructing a brick sill would include


In a plane truss, if 'M' is the number of members, 'R' is the number of reactions and 'J' is the number of joints, then for this truss to be determinate


If carbon monoxide is released at the rate of 0.03 m3/min from a gasolene engine and 50 ppm is the threshold limit for an 8-hour exposure, the quantity of air which dilutes the contaminant to a safe level will be


Which one of the following types of sleepers has the best shock absorbing capacity as well as dampening property ?


A hollow circular column at internal diameter 'd' and external diameter '1.5 d' is subjected to compressive load. The maximum distance of the point of application of load from the centre for no tension is


Consider the following statements :
1. In the laboratory consolidation test, initial compression is the result of displacement of soil particles.
2. Primary consolidation is due to dissipation of pore water pressure.
3. Secondary compression starts after complete dissipation of pore water pressure.
4. Primary consolidation and secondary compression occur simultaneously.
Which of the statements given above are correct ?


Which one of the following methods is generally considered the best for tunnel ventilation ?


Which of the following Pairs regarding explanations and the terminologies pertaining to masonry are correctly matched ?
1. Reveal....projecting stone to serve as support for joist.
2. Throating....groove provided on the underside of projecting elements likes sills.
3. Gable....triangle shaped masonry works provided at the ends of sloped roof.
4. Freeze....vertical sides of finished opening for doors and windows.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

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