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All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test – 11

Welcome to your All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test - 11

Take an exciting test in All syllabus Civil Engineering

(Building Materials, Concrete Technology, Strength of Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, RCC design, Surveying, Highway, Hydraulics, Water Supply, Waste water, Steel, Irrigation,  Estimation, Hydrology and Railway ) 

You have only 25 mins  to complete the test ( 25 Questions)

Wish you all the best!!!


In a simply supported beam AB of span L, the midpoint is C. In case-1, the beam is loaded by a central concentrated load W. In case-2, the beam is subjected to a U.D.L. of intensity w such that wL = W. The ratio of central deflection in case-1 to that in case-2 is

1 out of 25

An imaginary line passing through the optical centre of the objective and the optical centre of the eye-piece in the telescope of a surveying instrument is called the

2 out of 25

Which of the following air pollutants is/are responsible for photochemical smog ?
1. Oxides of nitrogen
2. Ozone
3. Unburnt hydrocarbons
4. Carbon monoxide
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

3 out of 25

Consider the following statements :
Excess of sulphur in steel results in
1. red shortness
2. segregation
3. coldshortness.
Of these statements :

4 out of 25

Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

5 out of 25

A short bar element of uniform cross-section is subjected to concentrated axial forces at its two ends. The longitudinal stress distribution on the cross-section is uniform at

6 out of 25

When power shovels are operated under different site conditions (in terms of material handled), what is the correct sequence in the increasing order of the ouput for the following materials ?
1. Well – blasted rock
2. Hard and tough clay
3. Poorly blasted rock
4. Moist loam or sand
Select the correct answer using the code given below :

7 out of 25

In a saturated clay layer undergoing consolidation with single drainage at its top, the pore water pressure would be the maximum at its

8 out of 25

A roaring rail has which one of the following defects ?

9 out of 25

While aligning a hill road with a ruling gradient of 1 in 20, horizontal curve of radius 80 m is encountered. The compensated gradient on the curve will be

10 out of 25

Stratification of water with depth in reservoir (with free surface) is based on temperature. The dark stagnant cooler water layer is known as

11 out of 25

The following steps are involved in arriving at a unit hydrograph.
1. Estimating the surface runoff in depth.
2. Estimating the surface runoff in volume.
3. Separation of base flow.
4. Dividing surface runoff ordinates by depth of runoff.
The correct sequence of the steps is :

12 out of 25

What type of vibrator is used for concreting thin section as well as heavily reinforced section?

13 out of 25

The difference between the sum of the angles of a plane triangle and the sum of the angles of a spherical triangle is one second when the triangle on the earth surface has an area of about

14 out of 25

Consider the following statements :
1. The standard penetration test is a reliable method for measuring the relative density of granular soils.
2. For a sand having the same relative density, N-values remain the same at all depths.
3. For a sand having the same relative density, N-values are different at different depths.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

15 out of 25

In a plane table survey, the plane table station position was to be fixed with respect to three reference points. It was found that one of the reference points was not visible due to some obstruction. It was, therefore decided to make use of the other two points only. Which one of the following statements is true regarding the determination of station position ?

16 out of 25

Putty is made up of

17 out of 25

Why are weep holes provided at the back of retaining walls ?

18 out of 25

What should be the minimum grade of reinforced concrete in and around sea coast construction?

19 out of 25

A sand deposit has a porosity of 1/3 and its specific gravity is 2.5. The critical hydraulic rediant to cause sand boiling in the stratum will be

20 out of 25

For Froude number of a hydraulic jump is 5.5. The jump can be classified as a/an:

21 out of 25

The displacement thickness of a boundary layer is

22 out of 25

The axial load which just produces the condition of elastic instability in a column is

23 out of 25

If R is the radius of the circular railway curve in metres and D is the degree of the curve, then which one of the following is the expression for D ?

24 out of 25

Given below are methods of compaction :
1. Vibration technique
2. Flooding the soil
3. Sheeps-foot roller
4. Tandem roller
5. Heavy weights dropped from a height.
The methods suitable for cohesionless soils include

25 out of 25

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