All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test – 10

Welcome to your All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test - 10

Take an exciting test in All syllabus Civil Engineering

(Building Materials, Concrete Technology, Strength of Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, RCC design, Surveying, Highway, Hydraulics, Water Supply, Waste water, Steel, Irrigation,  Estimation, Hydrology and Railway ) 

You have only 25 mins  to complete the test ( 25 Questions)

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Maximum shear stress developed in a beam of rectangular section bears a constant ratio to its average shear stress and this ratio is equal to


A simply supported beam AB of span L is subjected to a concentrated load W at the centre C of the span. According to Mohr's moment area method, which one of the following gives the deflection under the load ?


Consider the following statements :
1. Pumps in series operation allow the head to increase.
2. Pumps in series operation increase the flow rate.
3. Pumps ill parallel operation increase the flow rate.
4. Pumps in parallel operation allow the head to increase.
Which of these statements are correct ?


Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ?


Which one of the following methods is usually adopted for site welding of rails ?


Which of the following materials are used as landfill salients for the control of gas and leachate moments ?
1. Lime
2. Sand
3. Bentonite
4. Fly ash
5. Butyl rubber
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :


The correct sequence, in the direction of the flow of water for installations in the hydro-power plant is


Which of the following waste disposal tasks are achieved by a septic tank with its dispersion tranch ?
1. Aerobic sluge digestion
2. Settling and anaerobic sludge digestion
3. Anaerobic sewage stabilisation
4. Bio-oxidation of effluent
Select the correct answer using the codes given below :


A bar of circular cross-section varies uniformly from a cross-section 2D to D. If extension of the bar is calculated treating it as a bar of average diameter, then the percentage error will be


The expansion and shrinkage of plywoods are comparatively very low as


A circular pipe of radius R carries a laminar flow of a fluid. The average velocity is indicated as the local velocity at what radical distance, measured from the centre ?


The wall friction of the retaining wall


Due to some point load anywhere on a fixed beam, the maximum free bending moment is M. The sum of fixed end moment is


The weight of aggregate having specific gravity 2.65, completely filled into a cylinder of volume 0.003 m3 is 5.2 kg. What is the value of the angularity index of aggregate (approximately) as given by Murdock ?


An open channel carrying super critical flow is provided with a smooth expansion along the direction of flow. When no other considerations interfere, then the water surface.


While concreting in cold weather where frosting is also likely, one uses


Which one of the following shovel excavators is considered most efficient in loading carriers ?


What is the condition for maximum transmission of power through a nozzle at the end of a long pipe ?(where H = total head at the inlet of the nozzle, hf = head loss due to friction )


Which of the following pairs in respect of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) are correctly matched
1. Initial setting time....30 minutes
2. Final setting time....10 hours
3. Normal consistency....10%
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :


The discharge per unit drawdown at the well is known as :


Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?


Which one of the following is the best method for locating sounding to estimate the dredged material from the harbours 


Radial splits in timber originating from 'Bark' and narrowing towards the 'Pith' are known as


A reinforced concrete beam is designed for the limit states of collapse in flexure a shear. Which of the following limit states of serviceability have to be checked ?
1. Deflection
2. Cracking
3. Durability
Select the correct answer using the codes given below :


In a particular material, if the modulus of rigidity is equal to the bulk modulus, then the Poisson's ratio will be

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