Welcome to your General Science - GK Mock test - 3
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1) The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is
2) Quartz crystals normally used in quartz clocks etc. is chemically
3) The hardest substance available on earth is
4) Chemical formula for water is
5) Tetraethyl lead is used as
6) The variety of coal in which the deposit contains recognisable traces of the original plant material is
7) Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
8) Which of the gas is not known as green house gas?
9) Washing soda is the common name for
10) Which of the following is used as a lubricant?
11) Bromine is a
12) Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
13) Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is
14) Which of the following is used in pencils?
15) Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?