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1) If in a rigid-jointed space frame, (6m + r) < 6j, then the frame is
2) The fixed support in a real beam becomes in the conjugate beam a
3) Principle of superposition is applicable when
4) For a two-hinged arch, if one of the supports settles down vertically, then the horizontal thrust
5) Which of the following methods of structural analysis is a force method?
6) The principle of virtual work can be applied to elastic system by considering the virtual work of
7) For a symmetrical two hinged parabolic arch, if one of the supports settles horizontally, then the
horizontal thrust
8) When a uniformly distributed load, longer than the span of the girder, moves from left to right,
then the maximum bending moment at mid section of span occurs when the uniformly distributed
load occupies
9) When a load crosses a through type Pratt truss in the direction left to right, the nature of force in
any diagonal member in the left half of the span would
10) Which of the following methods of structural analysis is a displacement method?
11) If in a pin-jointed plane frame (m + r) > 2j, then the frame is
12) The three moments equation is applicable only when
13) The Castigliano's second theorem can be used to compute deflections
14) Which of the following is not the displacement method?
15) The deflection at any point of a perfect frame can be obtained by applying a unit load at the joint