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SSC JE Civil Engineering Preliminary Exam in January 2018 | Practice test Day – 24

Welcome to your SSC JE Civil Engineering Objective Exam in 2018 Practice test Day - 24
Take an exciting test in SSC JE Civil Preliminary Exam in January 2018. 
You have only 15 mins to complete the test (15 Questions)
Wish you all the best!!!

Efflorescence in cement is caused due to an excess of

1 out of 15

Workability of concrete for a given water content is good if the aggregates, are

2 out of 15

According to Whitney's theory, depth of stress block for a balanced section of a concrete beam is limited to

3 out of 15

Most common method of pre-stressing used for factory production is

4 out of 15

The type of aggregates not suitable for high strength concrete and for pavements subjected to tension, is

5 out of 15

According to ISI recommendations, the maximum depth of stress block for balanced section of a beam of effective depth d is

6 out of 15

According to IS: 4561978, the flexural strength of concrete is

7 out of 15

Workability of concrete mix with low water cement ratio is determined by

8 out of 15

Di-calcium silicate (C2S)

9 out of 15

As compared to ordinary Portland cement, high alumina cement has

10 out of 15

For a longitudinal reinforcing bar in a column, the minimum cover shall neither be less than the  diameter of bar nor less than

11 out of 15

An aggregate is known as cyclopean aggregate if its size is more than

12 out of 15

Internal friction between the ingredients of concrete, is decreased by using

13 out of 15

The light weight aggregates are obtained from

14 out of 15

The property of fresh concrete, in which the water in the mix tends to rise to the surface while placing and compacting, is called

15 out of 15

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