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SSC JE Civil Engineering Preliminary Exam in January 2018 | Practice test Day – 23

Welcome to your SSC JE Civil Engineering Objective Exam in 2018 Practice test Day - 23
Take an exciting test in SSC JE Civil Preliminary Exam in January 2018. 
You have only 15 mins to complete the test (15 Questions)
Wish you all the best!!!
1. According to I.S.: 456, 1978 the thickness of reinforced concrete footing on piles at its edges, is  kept less than
2. If the loading on a pre-stressed rectangular beam, is uniformly distributed, the tendon to be provided should be.
3. An R.C.C. column is treated as short column if its slenderness ratio is less than
4. Spacing of stirrups in a rectangular beam, is
5. The modular ratio m of a concrete whose permissible compressive stress is C, may be obtained from the equation.
6. The allowable tensile stress in mild steel stirrups, reinforced cement concrete, is
7. The pitch of the main bars in a simply supported slab, should not exceed its effective depth by
8. Design of a two way slab simply supported on edges and having no provision to prevent the corners from lifting, is made by
9. If longitudinally spanning stairs are casted along with their landings, the maximum bending  moment per metre width, is taken as
10. In the zone of R.C.C. beam where shear stress is less than 5 kg/cm2, nominal reinforcement is provided at a pitch of
11. In a simply supported slab, alternate bars are curtailed at
12. The live load to be considered for an accessible roof, is
13. The diameter of transverse reinforcement of columns should be equal to one-fourth of the  diameter of the main steel rods but not less than
14. Total pressure on the vertical face of a retaining wall of height h acts parallel to free surface and from the base at a distance of
15. The maximum ratio of span to depth of a slab simply supported and spanning in two directions, is

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