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SSC JE Civil Engineering Preliminary Exam in January 2018 | Practice test Day – 8

Welcome to your SSC JE Civil Engineering Objective Exam in 2018 Practice test Day - 8
Take an exciting test in SSC JE Civil Preliminary Exam in January 2018. 
You have only 15 mins to complete the test (15 Questions)
Each questions are in Each 15 topics of SSC JE 2018 latest syllabus
Wish you all the best!!!

In symmetrically reinforced sections, shrinkage stresses in concrete and steel are respectively


Coefficient of permeability of soil


In a solid arch, shear force acts


Loss of pressure head in case of laminar flow is proportional to


Early attainment of strength in rapid hardening cement is mainly due to


The sinuosity of a meander is the ratio of


The foundation which consists of a thick reinforced cement slab covering whole area to support heavy concentrated structural loads, is known as


Any gradient on a road is said to be an exceptional gradient, if it is


Shear buckling of web in a plate girder is prevented by using


The expected out turn of cement concrete 1 : 2 : 4 per mason per day is


The time required by rain water to reach the outlet of drainage basin, is generally called


The sewer that unloads the sewage at the point of treatment is called


The bed slope in slow sand filters, is generally kept


A pile of length carrying a uniformly distributed load per metre length is suspended at two points, the maximum, B.M. at the centre of the pile or at the points of suspension, is


The line normal to the plumb line is known as

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