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SSC JE Civil Engineering Preliminary Exam in January 2018 | Practice test Day – 16

Welcome to your SSC JE Civil Engineering Objective Exam in 2018 Practice test Day - 16
Take an exciting test in SSC JE Civil Preliminary Exam in January 2018. 
You have only 15 mins to complete the test (15 Questions)
Each questions are in Each 15 topics of SSC JE 2018 latest syllabus
Wish you all the best!!!

Which of the following stone is best suited for construction of piers and abutments of a railway bridge?

1 out of 15

Phytometer method is generally used for the measurement of

2 out of 15

In sewers the velocity of flow should not be

3 out of 15

The vapour pressure over the concave surface is

4 out of 15

In active state of plastic equilibrium in a non cohesive soil with horizontal ground surface

5 out of 15

Most important method for calculating discharge for planning a water supply project, is

6 out of 15

Lacey's equation for calculating flood discharge in rivers, is

7 out of 15

Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of

8 out of 15

The sway bracing is designed to transfer

9 out of 15

The maximum bending moment due to a moving load on a simply supported beam, occurs

10 out of 15

Side face reinforcement shall be provided in the beam when depth of the web in a beam exceeds

11 out of 15

In which of the following pairs both trees yield soft wood?

12 out of 15

A concrete using an air entrained cement

13 out of 15

The head of public works department of any Indian state, is

14 out of 15

Anti-siphonage pipe is connected to

15 out of 15

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