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SSC JE Civil Engineering Preliminary Exam in January 2018 | Practice test Day – 11

Welcome to your SSC JE Civil Engineering Objective Exam in 2018 Practice test Day - 11
Take an exciting test in SSC JE Civil Preliminary Exam in January 2018. 
You have only 15 mins to complete the test (15 Questions)
Each questions are in Each 15 topics of SSC JE 2018 latest syllabus
Wish you all the best!!!

A volatile substance added to a paint to make its application easy and smooth, is known as


In high mountainous region, the type of roof generally recommended for buildings, is


The surface tension of mercury at normal temperature compared to that of water is


Factor of safety is the ratio of


Tricalcium aluminate (C3A)


The area is measured correct to the nearest


If is the stadia distance, is the focal length and is the distance between the objective and vertical axis of the techeometer, the multiplying constant, is


Skempton's pore pressure coefficient B for saturated soil is


The specifications of most commonly used standard gauges in India, are


A long vertical member, subjected to an axial compressive load, is called


The most suitable section of a lined canal, is


Columns may be made of plain concrete if their unsupported lengths do not exceed their least lateral dimension


Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:


Time of concentration


Set-back distance is the distance between

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