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1) The angle of internal friction of clays, is usually
2) Shear strength of a soil is a unique function of
3) Pick up the correct statement from the following:
4) The angle between the directions of the failure and the major principal plane, is equal to
5) The compression index of a soil
6) If the natural water content of soil mass lies between its liquid limit and plastic limit, the soil mass is said to be in
7) If Cv is the coefficient of consolidation, is the time and is drainage path of one dimensional consolidation of soil, the time factor Tv, is given by
8) The soil moisture driven off by heat, is called
9) If a soil undergoes a change in shape and volume by application of external loads over it, but recovers its shape and volume immediately after removal of the load, the property of the soil is  said to be
10) The intensity of active earth pressure at a depth of 10 metres in dry cohesionless sand with an angle of internal friction of 30° and with a weight of 1.8 t/m3, is
11) If the back fill is having a uniform surcharge of intensity per unit area, the lateral pressure will be
12) Select the correct statement.
13) Plasticity index is defined as the range of water content between
14) In active state of plastic equilibrium in a non cohesive soil with horizontal ground surface
15) Skempton's pore pressure coefficient B for saturated soil is
16) Failure of a slope occurs only when total shear force is
17) The method of the slices is applicable to
18) Sensitivity of a soil can be defined as
19) With the increase in the amount of compaction energy
20) Buoyant unit weight equals the saturated density
21) Soils containing organic matters
22) If water content of a soil is 40%, G is 2.70 and void ratio is 1.35, the degree of saturation is
23) The water content in a soil sample when it continues to loose weight without loosing the volume, is called
24) A soil not fully consolidated under the existing over-burden pressure, is called
25) If the water content of a fully saturated soil mass is 100%, then the voids ratio of the sample is