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1. If the furnace is provided with insufficient fuel at low temperatures, the type of pig iron produced, is called
2. Linseed oil is used in paints as
3. Based on flow quality, the sequence of pipes is
4. For the manufacture of plywood, veneers are placed so that grains of adjacent veneers
5. Initial setting of cement is caused due to
6. The harmonious mixing of the clay ingredients, is known as
7. Percentage content of silica in window glass, is
8. Chemically, marble is known as
9. Lime mortar is generally made with
10. Pick up the compound responsible for early strength of cement from the following:
11. Asphalt is obtained from
12. The commonly used drying oil for oil paints, is
13. Good quality sand is never obtained from
14. The clay to be used for manufacturing bricks for a large project, is dugout and allowed to weather throughout
15. Bituminous fells are used for
16. Most commonly used solvent in oil paints, is
17. The most fire resistant paints are:
18. Brittleness of cold is due to an excess of
19. The compound of Portland cement which contributes to the strength after two to three years is
20. A pug mill is used for
21. The variety of pig iron used for the manufacture of steel by Bessemer process, is
22. Quick setting cement is produced by adding
23. The filler used in plastic bitumen, is
24. Bessemer process is used for the manufacture of
25. Gneiss is obtained from

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