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Welcome to your Irrigation Engineering Mock test - 4
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1. Retrogression of the bed level of a river downstream a weir, occurs due to
2. The saturation gradient in ordinary loam soil, is generally
3. Lacy's regime condition is obtained if
4. The width of a meander belt is the transverse distance between
5. In a concrete canal the approximate permissible velocity of water should not exceed
6. For standing crops in undulating sandy fields, the best method of irrigation, is
7. The sensitivity of a rigid module, is
8. The uplift pressure on the roof of an inverted syphon, is maximum when
9. If D is the depth of water upstream of the throat above its sill, B is the width of the throat, to achieve critical flow in an open venturi flume, the theoretical maximum flow Q, is
10. The optimum depth of kor watering for a rice crop, is
11. For smooth entry of water in a canal, the angle between head regulator and water is generally kept
12. A hydraulic jump is generally formed when a stream moving with
13. A current meter measures the velocity of flow, if it is held
14. Meandering of a river generally occurs, in
15. In north Indian Plains, optimum depth of kor watering for wheat, is
16. When a canal is carried over a natural drainage, the structure provided, is known as
17. The intensity of irrigation means
18. For cereal crops the most commonly adopted method of irrigation, is
19. The top soil of a water logged field becomes more alkaline and infertile if its pH value is
20. In rigid module, the discharge
21. The downstream expansion head of a guide bank is extended to subtend an angle at the centre, equal to
22. If average particle size of the silt in millimetres is m, the Lacey's silt factor f is proportional to
23. The ratio of the discharge over a trapezoidal crest to a rectangular crest of Sarda falls of identical parameters, is
24. Attracting groynes are built
25. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. Culturable commanded area is the gross area of an irrigation canal system less

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