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Welcome to your Building Materials Mock test - 6
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1. In arches, stratified stones are placed so that their planes are
2. Pozzolana (or surkhi) is used in lime
3. For the manufacture of stainless steel, steel is mixed with
4. The presence of original rounded surface on the manufactured piece of timber, is called
5. The most durable varnish is
6. Permanent magnets are made of high carbon steel and
7. German silver is an alloy of
8. In paints, the pigment is responsible for
9. The initial setting time of hydraulic lime, is
10. For making fly-ash building bricks, the following mix of fly-ash, sand and lime, is
11. The base material for distemper, is
12. The rocks which are formed due to pouring of magma at the earth's surface are called
13. Softer variety of steel may be obtained by
14. Stones used for the construction of retaining walls must be
15. The main ingredient of a good quality brick earth, is
16. The compound of Portland cement which reacts immediately with water and also sets first is
17. In stone masonry, stones (stratified rocks) are so placed that the direction of pressure to the plane  of bedding is
18. The operation of removal of impurities or clay adhering to iron ores, is known as
19. The normal curing period for lime mortar, is:
20. The kiln which may work throughout the year, is
21. The fire clay contains pure
22. Invar contains
23. Stainless steel resists corrosion due to
24. Distemper is
25. Slacking of lime is affected by

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