All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test - 6 - CIVIL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE

All syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test – 6

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(Building Materials, Concrete Technology, Strength of Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, RCC design, Surveying, Highway, Hydraulics, Water Supply, Waste water, Steel, Irrigation,  Estimation, Hydrology and Railway ) 

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The safe working pressure for a spherical vessel 1.5 m diameter and having 1.5 cm thick wall not to exceed tensile stress 50kg/cm2 , is
If the dew point is greater than 0°C
The forces acting normally on the cross section of a bar shown in the given figure introduce
The stem of a cantilever retaining wall which retains earth level with top is 6 m. If the angle of repose and weight of the soil per cubic metre are 30° and 2000 kg respectively, the effective width of the stem at the bottom, is
The Random errors tend to accumulate proportionally to
The ratio of circumferential stress to the longitudinal stress in the walls of a cylindrical shell, due  to flowing liquid, is
If the slump of a concrete mix is 60 mm, its workability is
If the width of a simply supported beam carrying an isolated load at its centre is doubled, the deflection of the beam at the centre is changed by
The perpendicular offset from the tan-get to the central point of the circular curve, is
The most commonly adopted method to provide super-elevation on roads, is by pivoting the road surface about
Newly constructed pavement with ordinary Portland cement attains its working strength after
Beams of uniform strength are preferred to those of uniform section because these are economical for
Curves in the same direction separated by short tangents, are called
Expansion joints are provided if the length of concrete structures exceeds
Two important constituents in the composition of steel used for rail are
In pumping stations, the type of joint generally used, is
For a stable frame structure, number of members required, is
The main plate of a transit is divided into 1080 equal divisions. 60 divisions of the vernier coincide exactly with 59 divisions of the main plate. The transit can read angles accurate upto
The moment diagram for a cantilever whose free end is subjected to a bending moment, will be a
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
For an annual flood series arranged in descending order of magnitude, the return for a magnitude in a total is
Most important source of water for public water supply, is from
The best side slope for most economical trapezoidal section, is
If aggregates completely pass through a sieve of size 75 mm and are retained on a sieve of size 60 mm, the particular aggregate will be flaky if its minimum dimension is less than
If H is the overall height of a retaining wall retaining a surcharge, the width of the base slab usually provided, is
An R.C.C. roof slab is designed as a two way slab if
The permissible pH value for public water supplies may range between
If the peak discharge of a storm water drain (S.W. Drain) is e.xpected to exceed 150 cumecs, the free board to be provided, is
In the time-cost optimisation, using CPM method for network analysis, the crashing of the activities along the critical path is done starting with the activity having
Pick up the correct statement from the following
The true meridian of a place is the line in which earth's surface is intersected by a plane through
The effective length of a double angle strut with angles placed back to back and connected to both the sides of a gusset plate, by not less than two rivets, is
Log Angles machine is used to test the aggregate for
Flange-way clearance is the distance
The plasticity index is the numerical difference between
While rotating the theodolite in the horizontal plane, the bubble of the bubble tube takes up the same position in its tube, it indicates
The load on a spring per unit deflection, is called
Which of the following types of sleepers is preferred on joints?
German silver is an alloy of
The passive earth pressure of a soil, is proportional to (where φ is the angle of internal friction of the soil.)
Fine sand possesses
The lowest outlet sluice in a dam is provided
A hyetograph is a graphical representation of
On an inclined plane, centre of pressure is located
A moist soil sample of volume 60 cc. weighs 108 g and its dried weight is 86.4 g. If its absolute density is 2.52, the degree of saturation is
The longitudinal section of the surface of bubble tube is
Which of the following methods is used to estimate flood discharge based on high water marksleft over in the past?
The specifications of most commonly used standard gauges in India, are
The self-cleansing velocity of water flowing through pipe lines, is
Tacking rivets in compression plates not exposed to the weather, have a pitch not exceeding 300 mm or
An Executive Engineer of roads, executes works under direct control of
Stuco paints are suitable for
A pre-stressed concrete member
Pick up the correct statement from the following with regards to C.P.M. network analysis of projects
Effective length of a column effectively held in position and restrained in direction at one end but neither held in position nor restrained in direction at the other end, is
Atmospheric pressure is equal to water column head of
Cappoletti weir is a
The purpose of providing fillet in a rail section is to
PH value of sludge during alkaline regression stage, is
Boston society of Civil Engineer's formula Q = 0.0056 × (D/t) in cumecs/square km is based upo
An aggregate which passes through 25 mm I.S. sieve and is retained on 20 mm sieve, is said to be flaky if its least dimension is less than
Normal formation width of a hill road for one-way traffic, is
IS : 800 - 1971 recommends that in a splice plate the number of rivets carrying calculated shear stress through a packing greater than 6 mm thick, is to be increased by 2.5% for every
A close coil helical spring of mean diameter D consists of n coils of diameter d. If it carries an axial  load W, the energy stored in the spring, is
Minimum thickness of the base of a flexible pavement, is
To keep the intensity of bearing pressure between the column base and concrete, compressive throughout the length of the column base, the ratio of the moment M to axial load P should be
Quick setting cement is produced by adding
For a catchment area of 120 km², the equilibrium discharge in m3/hour of a Scurve obtained by  the summation of 6 hour unit hydro graph is
Bituminous fells are used for
The four major water supply distribution systems, are
Specific capacity or yield of wells, is generally expressed, as
The following is not a laminar flow
Shear force for a cantilever carrying a uniformly distributed load over its length, is
If the unit weight of sand particles is 2.696 g/cc. and porosity in loose state is 44%, the critical hydraulic gradient for quick sand condition, is
A golden rule for the procurement of construction stones, suggests
Molecules of fluids get attracted due to
Uniform flow is said to occur when
If a soil undergoes a change in shape and volume by application of external loads over it, but recovers its shape and volume immediately after removal of the load, the property of the soil is said to be
Which one of the following part of human body withstands minimum radiation
A raft foundation is provided if its area exceeds the plan area of the building by
The maximum permissible slenderness ratio of compression member carrying dead and superimposed load, is
To ascertain the maximum permissible eccentricity of loads on circular columns, the rule generally followed, is
The spacing of bars of perforations of fine screens used for the treatment of sewage, is
Ventilating shafts are provided to a sewer line at every
The main function of a fish plate is
The time with which direct cost does not reduce with the increase in time is known as
The type of steel used for precision levelling staff, is
When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress develops on
Total effective bearing area of both the bowls of a pot sleeper, is
The process of mixing, transporting, placing and compacting concrete using Ordinary Port land Cement should not take more than
Depletion of ozone layer in the outer atmosphere may cause
The minimum compressive strength of Ilnd class bricks should be
If fineness modulus of sand is 2.5, it is graded as
The strainer type tube well, is unsuitable for
In a combined footing for two columns carrying unequal loads, the maximum hogging bending moment occurs at
A traverse deflection angle is
The ultimate bearing capacity of a soil, is
Imaginary line passing through points having equal magnetic declination is termed as
If C is creep coefficient, f is original prestress in concrete, m is modular ratio, E is Young's modulus of steel and e is shrinkage strain, the combined effect of creep and shrinkage is:
The normal curing period for lime mortar, is: