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Water Supply Engineering Mock test – 4 || Civil Engineering Mock tests

Welcome to your Water supply Engineering Mock test - 4
Take an exciting test in Water supply Engineering
You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)
Wish you all the best!!!
1. The strainer type tube well, is unsuitable for
2. Chemical coagulation of drinking water, is done
3. Service connections to consumers houses, are generally provided with
4. Pick up the wrong nominal internal diameter of cast iron (spun) pipes in mm from the following:
5. If the average daily demand of a city of 50,000 population, is 20 m.l.d., the maximum daily  demand is
6. The ratio of discharge and plan area of a continuous flow type settling tank, is known
7. The ratio of maximum hourly consumption and average hourly consumption of the maximum day, is
8. The nitrate concentration in domestic water supplies, is generally limited to
9. The lowest outlet sluice in a dam is provided
10. The pH value of water fit for drinking, is
11. Alum is chemically
12. Standard process of chlorination of water, is done by
13. The maximum permitted loss of head in a rapid sand filter, is
14. In the equation P = PS/[1 + loge-1 (nt)] of a logistic curve of population growth, the constant m is
15. High pH value of water does not produce
16. Carbonates in water produce
17. Water losses in water supply, is assumed as
18. The requirement of water per capita per day, is
19. 45 litres of water per person per day, is provided in
20. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
21. Pressure exerted at 90° bend in a pipe of cross-sectional area A and carrying water with a velocity V under a pressure p, is
22. Demand for public uses in a city, does not include water required for
23. Dead storage of a reservoir of Q capacity generally provided for silt deposition during its life time,  is generally kept
24. The coefficient of permeability of soils, is generally expressed in
25. The permissible pH value for public water supplies may range between

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