All Syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test - 4 ( 100 Questions) - CIVIL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE

All Syllabus Civil Engineering Mock test – 4 ( 100 Questions)

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1. The systematic errors which persist and have regular effects in the performance of a survey operation, are due to
For compacting plain concrete road surface of thickness less than 20 cm, we use
3. Orientation of a plane table by solving two point problem is only adopted when
Based on its dry weight, a freshly felled tree may contain water
5. According to Lacey, depth of scour in a river depends upon the straightness of the reach. If D is the depth of scour in regime flow in a right angled bend, it is
6. A back sight
7. The type of butt joints in common use, is :
8. A piezometer opening in pipes measures
Pick up the correct statement from the following:
10. The phenomenon occuring in an open channel when a rapidly flowing stream abruptly changes to a slowly flowing stream causing a distinct rise of liquid surface, is
11. According to I.S.: 456, 1978 the thickness of reinforced concrete footing on piles at its edges, is kept less than
12. At a road junction, 7 cross conflict points are severe if
13. When a body is totally or partially immersed in a fluid, it is buoyed up by a force equal
14. Allowable shear strength of concrete, depends upon
15. Along high ways confirmatory route markers are generally fixed
16. The horizontal portion of a step in a stairs case, is known as
17. Any gradient on a road is said to be an exceptional gradient, if it is
To give a brilliant finish, the type of varnish used, is
19. Centering error of a theodolite produces an error
20. The grade of concrete M 150 means that compressive strength of a 15 cm cube after 28 days, is
Pick up the correct statement from the following:
22. An independent mass of a fluid does not posses
23. The sum of the interior angles of a geometrical figure laid on the surface of the earth differs from that of the corresponding plane figure only to the extent of one second for every
24. The most useless aggregate is one whose surface texture is
25. The force which develops in a pressure conduit supported on trestles, is
26. Distribution reinforcement in a simply supported slab, is provided to distribute
The angle between the directions of the failure and the major principal plane, is equal to
28. The width of a dowla is generally kept between 30 to 60 cm and its height above the road level should invariably be more than
29. High temperature
30. Struts are load carrying members of a frame structure which are subjected to
31. Lane's weighted creep theory assumes
Water formed transported soil is
33. An arch with three hinges, is a structure
34. n and j are numbers of members and joints in a frame. It contains redundant members if
35. When equal and opposite forces applied to a body, tend to elongate it, the stress so produced, is called
Veneering means
37. The thickness of the topping of a ribbed slab, varies between
38. The width of different roads as recommended in Nagpur plan by the Indian Road Conference for hilly region, is
39. The field capacity of a soil depends upon
40. The best method of interpolation of contours, is by
41. Reynold number is the ratio of initial force and
42. The period of cleaning of a slow sand filter, is usually
C.R.R.I. charts are used to obtain a relatioship between strength of concrete and
An aggregate is said to be flaky, if its least dimension is less than
45. The shear force on a simply supported beam is proportional to
Forge pig may be converted to wrought iron by
47. In levelling operation
48. For the administration of road transport, a Motor Vehicle Act was enacted in
49. If a constant section beam is subjected to a uniform bending moment throughout, its length bends to
50. In a syphon aqueduct
Percentage of pozzolanic material containing clay upto 80% used for the manufacture of pozzolana cement, is
52. Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe, is
53. The shear reinforcement in R.C.C. is provided to resist
54. In rectangular columns (cross-section b x h), the core is a
55. The ratio of the discharge over a trapezoidal crest to a rectangular crest of Sarda falls of identical parameters, is
The final operation of finishing floors, is known as
57. The diaphragm of a stadia theodolite is fitted with two additional
58. A cantilever carrying a uniformly distributed load W over its full length is propped at its free end such that it is at the level of the fixed end. The bending moment will be zero at its free end also at
Soundness of cement is tested by
Specified compressive strengh of concrete is obtained from cube tests at the end of
61. An ideal flow of a liquid obeys
62. The length of lap in tension reinforcement should not be less than the bar diameter x (actual tension / four times the permissible average bond stress) if it is more than
The sequence of refractory materials according to increasing melting points is :
Whitworth compressed steel is obtained when molten steel is subjected to a pressure of
65. Hydrostatic pressure on a dam depends upon its
66. To indicate proper control of consistency of a freshly mixed concrete for pavement construction, the slump should be between
67. To ensure that the hogging bending moment at two points of suspension of a pile of length L equals the sagging moment at its centre, the distances of the points of suspension from either end, is
68. Driving vehicles on wet surfaced roads, is dangerous because it may
Workability of concrete for a given water content is good if the aggregates, are
70. A solid cube is subjected to equal normal forces on all its faces. The volumetric strain will be x-times the linear strain in any of the three axes when
For construction of structures in sea water, the cement generally preferred to, is
The softest rock is
73. The operation of making the algebraic sum of latitudes and departures of a closed traverse, each equal to zero, is known
74. Stress in a beam due to simple bending, is
According to the Indian Standards the specific gravity is the ratio of the unit weight of soil solids to that of water at a temperature of
76. The absolute minimum sight distance required for stopping a vehicle moving with a speed of 80 km ph, is
77. To obtain a very high strength concrete, use very fine grained
Bitumen may be dissolved in
79. If the total head of the nozzle of a pipe is 37.5 m and discharge is 1 cumec, the power generated is
80. A pressure conduit laid under ground, may not be subjected to
81. In a three hinged arch, the third hinge is generally kept at
82. The materials which have the same elastic properties in all directions, are called
83. Length of vehicles does not affect

The conventional sign shown in below figure represents a
85. Steel beam theory is used for
86. For standing crops in undulating sandy fields, the best method of irrigation, is
A phreatic line is defined as the line within a dam section below which there are
88. The toe projection of foundation slabs is taken
89. If average particle size of the silt in millimetres is m, the Lacey's silt factor f is proportional to
90. If D is the degree of a curve, the percentage reduction of gradient, is
91. To ensure uniform pressure distribution, the thickness of the foundation, is
92. A short tube mouthpiece will not run full at its outlet if the head under which the orifice works, is
Mild steel is used for
Determination of water content of a soil sample suspected to contain gypsum is made by drying the sample for longer period at a temperature not more than
95. An outlet is said to be proportional if its flexibility, 
96. After cleaning a slow sand filter, the filtered water is not used for
ISI has specified full strength of concrete after
98. Effective precipitation for a crop may be defined as
99. In a bar of large length when held vertically and subjected to a load at its lower end, its own-weight produces additional stress. The maximum stress will be
100. A cylinder is said to be thin if the ratio of its thickness and diameter, is less than