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Strength of Materials Mock test – 5 || Civil Engineering Mock tests

Welcome to your Strength of Materilas Mock test - 5
Take an exciting test in Strength of Materials
You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)
Wish you all the best!!!
1. A shaft 9 m long is subjected to a torque 30 t-m at a point 3 m distant from either end. The  reactive torque at the nearer end will be
2. For a given material, if E, C, K and m are Young's modulus, shearing modulus, bulk modulus and  Poisson ratio, the following relation does not hold good
3. If the stress in each cross-section of a pillar is equal to its working stress, it is called
4. The phenomenon of slow growth of strain under a steady tensile stress, is called
5. The maximum compressive stress at the top of a beam is 1600 kg/cm2 and the corresponding  tensile stress at its bottom is 400 kg/cm2. If the depth of the beam is 10 cm, the neutral axis from  the top, is
6. Rankine-Golden formula accounts for direct as well as buckling stress and is applicable to
7. An open-ended cylinder of radius and thickness is subjected to internal pressure . The Young's modulus for the material is and Poisson's ratio is . The longitudinal strain is
8. The equivalent length of a column fixed at one end and free at the other end, is
9. If is the internal pressure in a thin cylinder of diameter and thickness, the developed hoop stress, is

10. If the length of a cantilever carrying an isolated load at its free end is doubled, the deflection of  the free end will increase by
11. In a square beam loaded longitudinally, shear develops
12. The maximum deflection of a simply supported beam of length L with a central load W, is
13. Maximum deflection of a cantilever due to pure bending moment M at its free end, is
14. To ascertain the maximum permissible eccentricity of loads on circular columns, the rule generally followed, is
15. The ratio of the maximum deflection of a cantilever beam with an isolated load at its free end and  with a uniformly distributed load over its entire length, is
16. The slenderness ratio of a vertical column of square cross- section of 10 cm side and 500 cm long,  is
17. A simply supported beam carries two equal concentrated loads W at distances L/3 from either  support. The maximum bending moment
18. The neutral axis of a beam cross-section must
19. At either end of a plane frame, maximum number of possible transverse shear forces, are
20. For a cantilever with a uniformly distributed load W over its entire length L, the maximum bending  moment is
21. Every material obeys the Hooke's law within its
22. A steel rod of 2 cm diameter and 5 metres long is subjected to an axial pull of 3000 kg. If E = 2.1 × 10^6, the elongation of the rod will be
23. A rectangular log of wood is floating in water with a load of 100 N at its centre. The maximum  shear force in the wooden log is
24. A short masonry pillar is 60 cm x 60 cm in cross-section, the core of the pillar is a square whose  side is
25. If the beam is supported so that there are only three unknown reactive elements at the supports.  These can be determined by using the following fundamental equation of statics

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  1. Nice thinking. My heartful appreciation to MCQ. You should mention theory for the answer

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