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Welcome to your Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Mock test - 5
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1. The ultimate consolidation settlement of a structure resting on a soil
2. If the material of the base of the Casagrande liquid limit device on which the cup containing soil paste drops is softer than the standard hard rubber, then
3. For testing a saturated clay for shear strength, the test recommended, is
4. Which one of the following clays behaves like a dense sand?
5. Effective stress on soil
6. The major principal stress in an element of cohesion-less soil within the backfill of a retaining wall is
7. During seepage through a soil, direction of seepage is always
8. The coefficient of compressibility of soil, is the ratio of
9. The shearing force acting along the slice of a curved surface of slippage, causes the soil to slide
10. Direct measurement of permeability of the specimen at any stage of loading can be made
11. Rise of water table above the ground surface causes
12. Select the incorrect statement.
13. The average coefficient of permeability of natural deposits
14. Coefficient of permeability of soil
15. Physical properties of a permeant which influence permeability are
16. Failure of the stability of slopes, generally occurs along
17. Factor of safety against sliding of a slope, is the ratio of
18. The neutral stress in a soil mass is
19. A triaxial shear test is preferred to direct shear test, because
20. The angle of internal friction, is least for
21. The ratio of volume of air voids to the volume of total voids, is known as
22. Dispersed type of soil structure is an arrangement comprising particles having
23. The shear strength of a soil
24. Hydrometer readings are corrected for:
25. The property of a soil which allows it to be deformed rapidly without rupture, elastic rebound and also a volume change, is known

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