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1) Pick up the incorrect definition from the following:
2) According to IS : 2720 - 1965, the composition of a dispersing solution used in pipette analysis for determining the size of particles, is
3) The ratio of the undrained strength in the undrained state to the undrained strength, at the same water content, in the remoulded state, is called the sensivity of the clay. Its value for quick clays is
4) The inventor of the term soil mechanics, was
5) For a base failure of a slope, depth factor
6) The phreatic line in an earth dam may be
7) The method of the slices is applicable to
8) In non-cohesive soil in passive state of plastic equilibrium
9) Cohesive soils are generally
10) The shearing strength of a cohesion-less soil depends upon
11) Compression of soil occurs rapidly if voids are filled with
12) A soil sample of mass specific gravity 1.92, has a moisture content 30%. If the specific gravity of solids is 2.75, the degree of saturation, is
13) If the coefficient of the active pressure Ka is 1/3, the coefficient of passive pressure Kp, is
14) The total weight of a pycnometer with water and oven dried soil 20 (g) is 1600 g. The pycnometer filled with water alone weighs 1500 g. The specific gravity of the soil, is
15) Plasticity index is defined as the range of water content between
16) For slopes of limited extent the surface of slippage, is usually along
17) The ratio of the volume of water present in a given soil mass to the total volume of its voids, is known
18) In a fow net
19) If drainage is permitted throughout the test, during the application of both normal, and shear stresses so that full consolidation occurs and no excess pore pressure is set up at any stage of the test, is known as
20) When the seepage pressure becomes equal to the pressure due to submerged weight of a soil, the effective pressure is reduced to zero and the soil particles have a tendency to move up in the direction of flow. This phenomenon is generally known
21) The minimum depth of building foundations on
22) The angle of internal friction, is least for
23) Stoke's law does not hold good if the size of particle is smaller than
24) A soil mass coated with a thin layer of paraffin weighs 460 g. When immersed, it displaces 299 cc of water. The weight of paraffin is 10 g. If specific gravity of solids is 2.5 and that of paraffin 0.9, the void ratio of soil, is
25) In a purely cohesive soil, the critical centre lies at the intersection of