Railway Engineering Mock test - 1 || Civil Engineering Mock tests - CIVIL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE

Railway Engineering Mock test – 1 || Civil Engineering Mock tests

Welcome to your Railway Engineering Mock test - 1
Take an exciting test in Railway Engineering
You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)
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1) If n is length of a rail in metres, the number of sleepers per rail length generally varies from
2) Flange-way clearance is the distance
3) For providing the required tilt of rails, adazing of wooden sleepers, is done for
4) The type of spike used for fixing chairs of bull headed rails to wooden sleepers is
5) Which of the following types of sleepers is preferred on joints?
6) Type of switch rails generally adopted for modern track, is
7) Pandrol clips cannot be used with
8) The main function of a fish plate is
9) The purpose of providing fillet in a rail section is to
10) Cant deficiency occurs when a vehicle travels around a curve at
11) Staggered joints are generally provided
12) On Indian Railways, number of a crossing is defined as
13) Pick up the correct statement from the following:
14) Due to battering action of wheels over the end of the rails, the rails get bent down and are deflected at ends. These rails are calle
15) Heel divergence is
16) Stretcher bar is provided
17) Total effective bearing area of both the bowls of a pot sleeper, is
18) Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
19) A triangle is used for
20) Creep is the
21) Lead of crossing is the distance from the
22) Composite sleeper index is the index of\
23) Two important constituents in the composition of steel used for rail are
24) Flat mild steel bearing plates are used
25) Normally maximum cant permissible in Meter Gauge is