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Welcome to your Hydrology & Water resource engineering Mock test - 1
Take an exciting test in Hydrology & Water Resource engineering 
You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)
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1. The rate of rainfall for successive 10 minute periods of a 60 minute duration storm, are shown in the below figure. If the value of index is 3 cm/hour, the runoff will be
2. Main purpose of mean water training for rivers is
3. The time required by rain water to reach the outlet of drainage basin, is generally called 
4. The flow-mass curve is graphical representation of
5. The flow of water after spilling over the weir crest in chute spillway and side channel spillway respectively are
6. In India, which of the following is adopted as standard recording rain-gauge?
7. AS per lamy's Theory, the silt factor is
8. The drainage water intercepting the canal can be disposed of by passing the canal below the drainage in
9. Generally the weir is aligned at right angles to the direction of the main river current because
10. A straight glacis type fall with a baffle platform and a baffle wall is called
11. The most suitable chemical which can be applied to the water surface for reducing evaporation is
12. Isohyets are the imaginary lines joining the points of equal
13. The ratio of the average load to the installed capacity of the plant whose reserve capacity is zero will be equal to
14. River training for depth is achieved by
15. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
16. If the critical shear stress of a channel is XC, then the average value of shear stress required to move the grain on the bank is
17. A land is known as waterlogged
18. Hydrodynamic pressure due to earthquake acts at a height of
19. Select the incorrect statement.
20. The shape of recession limb of a hydrograph depends upon
21. Select the correct statement.
22. Which of the following is a flexible outlet?
23. The meander pattern of a river is developed by

24. A divide wall is provided
25. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

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