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Welcome to your Construction Project and Managment Mock test - 1
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1. Which of the following earth moving machines has the shortest cycle time?
2. Pick up the correct statement from the following with regards to C.P.M. network analysis of projects
3. The time by which a particular activity can be delayed without affecting the preceding and succeeding activities is known as
4. Which of the following does not represent an activity?
5. Updating may result in
6. Sensitivity analysis is a study of
7. For the network shown in the given figure, the expected time for the activity

8. The time with which direct cost does not reduce with the increase in time is known as
9. Which of the following surfaces will give highest rolling resistance for a rubber tyred vehicle?
10. For a given activity, the optimistic time, pessimistic time and the most probable estimates are 5,  17 and 8 days respectively, The expected time is
11. Critical path method
12. In PERT analysis, the time estimates of activities and probability of their occurrence follow
13. During the construction period, price variation clause in contracts caters to
14. In the time-cost optimisation, using CPM method for network analysis, the crashing of the activities along the critical path is done starting with the activity having
15. A golden rule for the procurement of construction stones, suggests
16. Free float is mainly used to
17. For which of the following materials, the output of power shovels for a fixed shovel size will be maximum
18. Grader is used mainly for
19. In resources levelling
20. A critical ratio scheduling
21. Preliminary project report for a road project must contain
22. At a work site, statistical quality control of concrete means
23. If the output of a dragline for 90° angle of swing at optimum depth of cut is X, then the output for 120° angle of swing at 120 % of optimum depth of cut will be
24. In time-cost optimization of a project, crashing is done.
25. Pick up the correct statement from the following

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