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Concrete Technology Mock test – 5 || Civil Engineering Mock tests

Welcome to your Concrete Technology Mock test - 5
Take an exciting test in Concrete Technology
You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)
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1. Vicat's apparatus is used for
2. The datum temperature for maturity by Plowman, is
3. For an ordinary Portland cement
4. The bulk density of aggregates, is generally expressed as
5. Slump test of concrete is a measure of its
6. The ratio of various ingredients (cement, sand, aggregates) in concrete of grade M 200, is
7. The grade of concrete not recommended by I.S. : 456, is
8. The operation of removing humps and hollows of uniform concrete surface, is known as
9. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
10. If the effective working time is 7 hours and per batch time of concrete is 3 minutes, the output of a  concrete mixer of 150 litre capacity, is
11. For concreting tunnel linings, transportation of concrete is done by
12. The most useless aggregate is one whose surface texture is
13. Slump test of concrete is a measure of its
14. The ratio of the length to breadth of a wooden float, is
15. An ordinary Portland cement when tested for its fineness, should not leave any residue on I.S. sieve No. 9, more than
16. The final operation of finishing floors, is known as
17. The percentage of the aggregate of F.M. 2.6 to be combined with coarse aggregate of F.M. 6.8 for  obtaining the aggregates of F.M. 5.4, is
18. Percentage of pozzolanic material containing clay upto 80% used for the manufacture of pozzolana cement, is
19. The top diameter, bottom diameter and the height of a slump mould are:
20. 1% of voids in a concrete mix would reduce its strength by about
21. The ratio of the diameter of reinforcing bars and the slab thickness is
22. For a continuous slab of 3 m × 3.5 m size, the minimum overall depth of slab to satisfy vertical  deflection limits is
23. For the construction of R.C.C. slabs, columns, beams, walls, etc. the grade of concrete mix used, is
24. Transport of concrete by pumps, is done for a distance of
25. Maximum percentage reinforcement in case of slabs is limited to

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